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Eagles Air & Sea (Thailand) Co., Ltd Policy on Whistle-blowing

Eagles Air & Sea (Thailand) Co., Ltd whistle-blowing and complaint reporting policy is designed to protect the stakeholders by providing a safe and secure reporting methodology in case(s) of violations of company rules and regulations.

We have provided a safe and responsive path for individuals to report violations of law to EAS’ management. 

The company’s code of conduct will be the guiding principal for the reporting violations and associated proper responses. 


Eagles Air & Sea (Thailand) Co., Ltd Protection Policy

Eagles Air & Sea (Thailand) Co., Ltd , aka EAS, Has established a formal process allowing for employees , customers, and suppliers a well-defined channel to support the filing of complaints. This policy covers the complainants issue as well as verification of said complaint. 

The intention of this policy is to review the complaint and incorporate potential suggestions or policy changes needed to resolve the initial complaint as well as potential legal or business related issues resulting from such said activities. 


Complaints Originating from Whistle Blowers

Breaches that could possibly result in legal or law breaking violations are to be reviewed by the EAS corporate governance team for potential actions needed. Protection of the complainants as well as other stakeholders is to be acknowledged and responded to by the EAS management team assigned to said corporate governance team. Typical examples of complaints by stakeholders should include such activities that allow for personal gains by individuals such as embezzlement fraud, or theft from customers, suppliers and employees. 

Issues involving fraud, theft or simple deceit are to be evaluated using the corporate governance policies as stated in the EAS company Corporate Governance documents.


Complaint-Making and Whistle Blowing Channels of Communication


Protection of the Whistleblower

Person(s) who report violations of company policy are to be protected from retribution by EAS management as well as other affected individuals. These protections are designed to allow the whistleblower the option of remaining incognito or to establish themselves as the originator of the complaint. 

Investigations resulting from any complaints made by whistleblowers will be investigated by EAS management and it is the policy that upon findings of fraud or illegalities, the management team assigned to investigate the complaint will report back to the entire management staff as well as the originator of the complaint. 

Follow Up

Upon completion of the investigation and review of the complaint, the management team will document the cause, resulting legal or corporate policy violations and establish a corrective action plan intended to elimination the behaviors and environment that is the cause of the violation.

A follow up audit will be installed to periodically monitor the affected department(s) to ensure ongoing compliance and enforce changes as recommended by the management team as well as the complainant stakeholder.  


Complaint Form

All complaint will be sent to management@eaglesthai.com

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