Warehouse And Distribution

Timely and efficient

Eagles Thailand offers local and internationally based customers a wide range of  warehousing and distribution solutions. We are able to leverage our proprietary Warehouse Management Software and free zone warehouse locations to stage materials for customers who enjoy the advantages of using Eagles as their staging hub for local as well as international distribution. 

Check out our warehouse options below: 


  • Located close to Suvarnabhumi Airport, on the outskirts of Bangkok, our Ladkrabang warehouse is comprised of 45,000 square feet of floor space with an automated racking system on 3 separate floors capable of handling over 500 pallets of goods. This facility is located in a Free Trade Zone, allowing our customers the benefit of duty free transactions in and out of the facility on a 24/7 basis. If you need temperature controlled warehousing, we have 17,000 square feet capable of a wide range of temperatures and humidity’s.

Airport Free Zone

  • 70,600 square feet of floor space onsite at the Suvarnabhumi Air Cargo facilities allow our customers such as Murata Electronics to move their inventory easily and quickly throughout Southeast Asia. With a fully automated mezzanine racking system capable of storing over 1,000 pallets,clients can take advantage of this conveniently positioned warehouse location to move product in and out on an almost instantaneous basis.


  • Located within the Chaokhuntaharn Inland container Depot (ICD), our General warehouse maintains a fully integrated inventory management and racking system to handle ocean based freight efficiently and economically. With 24,800 square feet of floor space, this new facility is staffed onsite to offer a smooth and seamless flow of goods in and out of the depot. Temperature controlled spaces and racking systems capable of handling over 1,400 pallets at any given time give our clients the ability to move a wide variety of goods in today’s constantly changing global demand environment. 

World Class Inventory Management

Offering multiple Free Zone Solutions to our customers, including our ability to act as a trading entity and buying agent, enables Eagles Air & Sea the ability to perform as an extended logistics arm of your company without the hassle and expense of maintaining a taxable presence in Thailand. We can show you different financial arrangements that will allow you to operate more efficiently in the region.

Our proprietary software has been designed and created especially for the unique and demanding requirements that our customers have asked for. Our system has integrated the three major components of an effective warehousing and distribution system to provide our customer base with a total solution to their import/storage/export business models.

  •  Eagles Air & Sea can provide every customer with immediate customs clearance through our online E-Paperless system. This provides a significant savings in time and cost while providing a higher level of flexibility for those clients using Just-In-Time inventory strategies.
  • Moving products internationally involves a lot of documentation that is often specific to the countries of origin or destination. Our FWD software technology can provide real time invoicing, customer activity reporting, freight pick-up notices as well as freight booking and air way bill or bill of lading documents. This software allows us to automatically search the best shipping options for you through the ability to identify consolidation opportunities in partially filled containers. As a customer of Eagles, you will have access to the status of your goods whether they are in our warehouse or in transit anywhere in the world.
  • We know that being able to identify, locate, access and pick inventory quickly and accurately is the foundation for any multi-national warehousing and distribution At Eagles Air & Sea, our inventory management systems provide us with the ability to do frequent cycle counting, generate accurate packing lists and publish regular inventory reports for our customers.
We invite you to consider joining the likes of Lufthansa, Murata, Seagate, Pepsico and Caltex in allowing Eagles Air & Sea to be your one stop shop in Southeast Asia for all your Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution needs.

Frequent Asked Questions 

What is the financial advantage of an Eagle’s Warehouse and Distribution system?

Outsourcing your warehousing and distribution functions can conserve cash that can be used to improve or expand your core business.

Will my goods be safe?

Our warehouses are bonded and insured and your goods will be insured during transport as well.

What are included in a quote for warehouse and distribution services?

Everything from customs clearance, intake, storage, inventory reports and distribution/delivery of goods to the final destination are included.

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