Warehouse Management System

The right warehouse management system or (WMS) can help your business operate more efficiently with lower costs and higher levels of customer support and satisfaction. At Eagles Air & Sea, we use our proprietary Warehouse Management system to provide all of our customers with a tailored approach to moving their inventory into and out of our warehouses.

To understand what a warehouse management system can do for you, let’s take a deeper look:

Function of Warehouse Management System

A WMS will ensure that your materials can move into and out of the warehouse efficiently, and with a minimum of time spent looking for a specific article or commodity. To do that task well, a warehouse management system needs to be able to track your inventory at every stage of transit through the warehouse, including picking, receiving, storing and distribution.
A well designed warehouse management system will provide you with a real time look at just what you have in inventory or in transit, either coming or going.


Components of an Effective Warehouse Management System

    • The design of the warehouse – No software or technology can compensate for a warehouse that isn’t properly designed for the type of goods and amount of traffic needed to move components in and out efficiently. 
    • Tracking and identification of inventory – In many instances, technology tools such as barcoding and RFID can greatly reduce the amount of labor needed to keep track of materials and access them easily. 
    • Shipping documentation – A good warehouse management system should enable you to send bills of lading ahead of the shipment as well as generating invoices and notifications to customers automatically. 
    • Performance indicators – Management needs to have indicators that tell them where there are opportunities to improve the performance of the warehouse environment, allowing them to anticipate and resolve potential problems before they impact the customer. 

Eagles Air & Sea can provide you with the right warehouse management system that allows you to depend on us for effective, timely and affordable movement of your goods and products within our warehouses. Contact us on a no obligation tour of our warehouses and let us show you how we can take the worry and hassle out of regional distribution of your goods. 

Frequent Asked Questions 

Are there different types of warehouse management systems?

Yes, there are cloud based systems, stand-alone platforms as well as custom designed systems like the one we employ at Eagles Air & Sea.

What is the difference between an ERP system vs. WMS?

In brief,  a warehouse Management System is designed for a single function, moving goods efficiently in and out of a warehouse while an ERP system is intended to manage all components of a business from procurement through sales. 

What is the best WMS?

There is no one best system for every situation. Your needs such as quantity of goods, type of goods, and amount of inventory will determine the best for each customer. 

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