Exporter of Record

For companies that operate on an international platform, the term Exporter of Record is probably something your logistics manager is quite familiar with. For many others who are new to shipping their products internationally, this term might be a bit confusing. Let’s take a deeper look into what the term means and why it is an important part of international logistics operations.

In simple terms the exporter of record is a service provider that handles all of the documentation and pre-transit procedures that are necessary to ship items or products out of the country of origin. This service is typically provided by the freight forwarder that the client has chosen to handle their cargo. When this process is done correctly and the documentation is in proper order, the clients cargo will transit to its destination quickly and delay free. Conversely, if the exporter of record does a sloppy job with the documentation and tries to take shortcuts, then delays, financial penalties and even legal problems can arise.

At Eagles Air & Sea, our staff are highly trained in all areas of export requirements to ensure that:

  • Your cargo is loaded safely and in a timely manner aboard the vessel or plane
  • The cargo is accurately weighed and the weight and dimensions of properly documented.
  • All legal requirements are met and the cargo is in compliance with international standards.
  • Payments of taxes and or duties are made on behalf of the client.
  • If the cargo needs to be stored for a time before shipment, the EOR takes care of safely and efficiently warehousing the cargo.
  • Distribution of any reports to governmental agencies such as the customs bureau
  • Export permits and licenses

When choosing a logistics provider and freight forwarder it is important to consider the following:

  • Experience – Eagles Air & Sea is a family owned and has been in the international freight forwarding business for over 25 years. When complications or issues arise, it is important to have a highly experienced and professional logistics partner working with you to take the stress out of international business transactions.
  • Global Coverage – Eagles Air & Sea is a member in good standing of several freight forwarding networks that span the entire globe. Wherever you are shipping to or from, odds are we have a partner in that location.
  • Speed – in today’s international marketplace, time is money and getting your products to their destination quickly and safely is an important part of the profit model. We understand that equation and are focused on getting your products where they are going in the fastest and most economical way possible.


If you are new to international logistics management or are looking for a new logistics partner to handle your growing volume of cargo, we invite you to contact us via e-mail or by phone. We will take the time to explain what we do, how we do it and what it will cost in a straight forward, friendly and professional manner.

Frequent Asked Questions 

What does the term EOR, or Exporter of Record mean?

An EOR can be an entity or a single individual who is responsible for making sure all customs requirements for a shipment are complied with. 

What services are provided by an EOR?

In simplest terms, the EOR takes care of all activities and documentation at the origin of a shipment that ensures it will enter the destination country without any problems. 

Are freight forwarders the EOR?

They can be, but this responsibility does not automatically default to the freight forwarder. When you are using a freight forwarder it is always best to make sure the EOR designation is clear and understood by all parties. 

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