Supply Chain Management

Customized Solutions

Managing an international business supply chain can be a challenge. At Eagles Air & Sea we have extensive experience helping our clients keeping their raw materials and finished goods moving around the world and in position to maximize profits while keeping inventory costs to a minimum.

Material velocity, inventory turns, and on time access to those goods are key to any businesses’ success. Eagles has been providing their clients with supply chain management solutions for over 25 years and can support logistics and materials management strategies efficiently and cost effectively.


What We Do ? 

To support our clients supply chain management strategies, Eagles Air & Sea offers a full range of logistics and material handling options:

Warehousing- in multiple locations in and around Bangkok proper. Additionally, we can support warehouse requirements in key strategic locations throughout the Southeast Asia region. Many of our warehouses are located in Free Trade Zones nearby air and sea transportation hubs, allowing for seamless and fast transfer of goods in and out of the locale.

Inventory Management Software – We manage our warehouse facilities with state of the art, proprietary inventory management software that is easily integrated with our customer’s inventory management systems. This allows the customer to keep track of their inventory status on a real time basis at any of our warehouse sites.

JIT Delivery – Eagles can provide JIT delivery of goods to sites throughout SE Asia. We maintain a full fleet of trucks and delivery vehicles to complement our air & sea transportation network.

Thai Custom – Our customs clearance operations are tied electronically with Thai customs, allowing for the paperless processing of goods into and out of Thailand. Your raw materials and finished goods will be transited quickly, efficiently and cost effectively to anywhere in the world from our commerce hub in Bangkok.

BOI – Eagles Air & Sea offers consulting and business model design services that will help your company to take full advantage of the tax and duty avoidance incentives offered by the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) as well as other governmental and commerce based organizations within Thailand.

Whether you already have business activities in SE Asia, or are thinking about expanding your company’s presence in this challenging part of the globe, Eagles air & Sea has the right people with the right experiences and skillsets to help set up your supply chain in this part of the world. We will help you keep risks to a minimum while ensuring a strong and steady flow of goods into and out of the ASEAN marketplace.

Frequent Asked Questions 

How can I reduce bottlenecks in the supply chain?

There are several supply chain analysis tools available, including forecasts based on statistical models, seasonal variability, and the use of shorter time windows. 

How can I lower my costs?

In any supply chain, the key to lowering costs is the velocity that goods move through the different parts of the chain. 

How can I lower the risks in the supply chain?

Partnering with an experienced 3PL provider like Eagles Air & Sea is a good first step in understanding what your risks are and how to manage them in a cost effective way.

We Customize Your Supply Chain Management