Shipping to Switzerland From Thailand

For business owners or visitors in Thailand who are interested in shipping to Switzerland from Thailand, there are many good options for moving goods between these two countries. Many are surprised to learn that Thailand is Switzerland’s second busiest trading destination in Southeast Asia. Additionally, more than 200 Swiss companies operate in Thailand with over 15,000 Swiss expatriates living in Bangkok and the surrounding environs. 

Air vs. Ocean Freight  

While air freight is the obvious and most popular means of moving cargo from Switzerland to Thailand there are actually many ports in Switzerland capable of handling ocean freight. Since Switzerland is a land locked country, many business owners aren’t aware that shipping from Thailand to Switzerland via ocean freight is a viable and cheaper alternative to air freight. 

Ports in Switzerland

Even though Switzerland doesn’t have an ocean or coastline, the Rhine river gives the Swiss access to the North Sea by utilising river ports along the river. The port of Basel is actually located in the heart of Europe and is the source of a lot of the goods moving into and out of Switzerland. There are currently several expansion projects ongoing designed to increase this port’s capacity with the intent to create a strategic logistics hub for much of Europe. 

The port of Basel is actually a conglomeration of three sub ports including Kleinhuningen, Mutenz-Au and Birsfelden. These three sub-ports are part of a sophisticated network of roads and railways that extend throughout Europe. Additionally, Basel is close by the Euro airport for goods that are in transit to other airports in Europe or the rest of the world. 

  • The port of Kleinhuningen is the largest of the three sub ports. It has three container terminals and a turning basin to accommodate larger ships that need to turn around within the river. 2022 signifies the 100th anniversary of this port. 
  • The sub port of Birsfelden specializes in the handling of steel petroleum and oil products. As such, several steel manufacturers are located to take advantage of the services offered by this relatively young port. 
  • The 3rd port, Muttenz-Au was opened in 1940 and has been designed to handle heavy cargoes arriving from Frankfurt and other European manufacturing centers throughout Europe. As of 2018, this port has been available for the transit of biomass materials as well. 

We Are Here To Help

With many options for shippers in Thailand, Switzerland offers some unique logistic opportunities for businesses as well as tourists who are interested in getting the “treasures” they have discovered while shopping in Thailand back to their home in Europe.

The professionals at Eagles air and Sea Ltd. will be happy to help you explore the most efficient and cost effective paths for you. 


Frequent Asked Questions 

How Long does it take to ship from Thailand to Switzerland?

Express service can get packages to Switzerland in 1 – 4 days while regular air freight will take 8 to 14 days. Ocean freight will take 50+ days.

Does Switzerland require a customs label?

Switzerland is not a member of the EU, so a customs label is required

What goods are restricted in Switzerland?

Most drugs and many chemicals are restricted.

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