Shipping To Russia From Thailand

The largest and most popular air freight destinations within Russia are Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow as well as both Domodedovo and Vnukovo, which are all located in Moscow. Pukovo airport in St. Petersburg and Koltsovo in Ekaterinburg are modern facilities capable of handling international air freight. With over 200 airports located across this large country, almost every region of Russia is accessible via air freight. 

In addition to multiple international airports capable of handling air freight, Russia has many important sea ports on the Black Sea, the Baltic ocean, as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. 

St. Petersburg – this is the largest port in the northern part of Russia, handling over 5 million TEU’s annually. Distribution of goods inland from this port is facilitated by roadways, rail links as well as Pulkovo airport. 

 Novorossiysk – Located on the Black Sea, the Port of Novorossiysk is noted for the large quantities of grains and cereals that are shipped from this location. Strategically located, Novorossiysk acts as a transit point between ports in Europe and those in the middle east. 

Vladivostok – The largest Russian port on the Pacific coastline, Vladivostok has only been open for international business for the last 25 years. With tax advantages and simplified customs procedures, this user friendly port is a key access point for many of the goods from Thailand, Japan, Korea and other eastern Asian countries. Vladivostok features a modernized complement of facilities, storage areas and cargo handling equipment. 

Kalingrad – On the eastern end of Russia, Kalingrad port is located on the Baltic Sea. As part of a special economic zone, this port offers easy access to other ports including Copenhagen and Helsinki. 

Murmansk – Sitting above the Arctic Circle, this port has the potential for significant growth as global warming may someday allow regular transit voyages to connect Russia to North America and the Far East. 

An overview of shipping rules and regulations in Russia 

Customs regulations are similar to most of the EU countries as Russia is a member in good standing of the World customs Organization. Most goods imported or brought into Russia will be subject to import duties somewhere between 0% and 20%. Import VAT will also need to be paid by the importer of record (IOR)

Bonded warehousing is available in most ports which will allow the importer to postpone payment of duties until the goods are actually distributed within the country. 

For specific opportunities shipping goods from Thailand to Russia, we are available to answer any and all questions regarding freight into and out of the Russian Federation. 

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