Shipping to Pakistan From Thailand

Shipping from Thailand to Pakistan can take longer and become more complicated than you might expect. There are two main reasons for this added complexity. 

Issue #1:  Thai customs

Thailand is known as a major source of contraband, drugs and counterfeit items. As a result, shipments arriving in Pakistan from Thailand will often be held up at their destination while additional scrutiny is focused on the documentation as well as the goods themselves. 

As a result, it is important to have all of the documents listed in good order before the shipment leaves Thailand:

  • Total weight and quantity of the shipment
  • The country of origin
  • A clear and complete description of the goods (in English is best)
  • Value stated in the currency of the cargo’s destination

Issue #2: Pakistani customs

Pakistan has one of the most technically complicated and convoluted customs clearance procedures of and international port. They have a complicated and rather excessive tax and duty calculation that requires the help and support of an experienced freight forwarder. Here are a few unique requirements for goods imported into Pakistan:

  • The consignee NTN (National tax number) needs to be listed on the bill of lading in addition to the importers name and address. 
  • The carrier will need to provide an updated statement of all local charges plus the # of free days and detention tariff on the Bill of Lading. 
  • If the goods are in transit to Afghanistan those charges must also be reflected in the charge details. 

While shipping from Thailand to Pakistan can look a bit intimidating, it is important to recognize that large quantities of cargo successfully transit from Thailand to Pakistan every day. There are many good reasons to consider when shipping to Pakistan from Thailand:

  • English is widely used as the language of business in Pakistan
  • There is a large and growing middle class in Pakistan
  • Many Thai consumer products are already well known in Pakistan
  • Because of its central location, Pakistan is a gateway to northern India, Afghanistan as well as western China. 

If you are considering exporting goods from Thailand to Pakistan on a regular basis or if you just want to make a one time delivery to Pakistan, the professional at Eagles Air & Sea are standing by to help with all the details involved in making your shipment successfully.  Also,  check out shipping to India.

Frequent Asked Questions 

How many sea ports are in Pakistan?

Pakistan has 8 major ports that handle cargo, but the  three biggest and busiest ports are Karachi Port, Muhammad Bin Qasim port, and Gwadar port. The Karachi port is the busiest one of the three.

What body of water is Pakistan located on?

The southern coast of Pakistan is bordered by the Arabian Sea

Where are the major international airports in Pakistan?

The 3 largest and most capable of handling international cargo are located in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

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