Shipping to Maldives from Thailand

Shipping to the Maldives from Thailand can be facilitated with the help and support of a professional and experienced freight forwarder. At Eagles Air and Sea we are equipped to handle your Maldives shipments either by air, sea, or special courier. 

About The Republic of Maldives

Location – The republic of Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean. A small country, it is actually a small group of Islands south of India. The islands are not densely populated like other parts of Southern Asia. The capital if this island nation is Male. 

Recent History 

As of the 1970, The Maldives was one of the poorest nations anywhere in the world. The country implemented a series of reforms governmentally and economically, focusing on tourism. Through the 80’s the Maldives high end resorts and other construction projects significantly changed the country. Cargo ports were built and facilities to manage cruise ships increased the levels of activities as well. 

This economic growth was radically impacted in 2004 when the great tsunami destroyed large parts of the archipelago. Estimates of the damage range up to $400 million.   

Shipping to the Maldives 

Today, there are several harbors that can receive cargo and tourists, but the main destination for ocean going cargo is located on the northwestern part of the main island of Male. The Male Commercial Harbor, or MCH, as it is known, handles about 200 tons of cargo each day. 

The main international airport in the Maldives is Velana International. This airport is located on Male and is the primary destination for air cargo coming from other points of the world, including Thailand. 

As one of the leading freight forwarders in Thailand, Eagles Air & Sea specializes in handling both air and sea cargo the Maldives. We can handle any size or configuration of cargo going to the Maldive archipelago from Thailand and the other ASEAN countries.

We handle all of the services required for these types of shipments, including arranging for warehouse space packing, and the on-site cargo services needed to distribute good within the Maldives. Documentation, customs clearance, and special shipping instructions are all services we manage for our clients doing business in the Maldives. 

If you have goods that needs to get from Thailand to the Maldives, or vice versa, Eagles Air & Sea can provide consultation on the details needed to make shipping to this location trouble free and economically efficient.

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