Shipping to Kenya from Thailand

If your business strategy includes shipping to Kenya from Thailand, this blog is intended to offer some tips and suggestions to make for good outcomes.

Shipping goods from Thailand to Kenya requires good planning and close communication with your freight forwarder. 

Here are some things to consider shipping to Kenya

  • Customs clearance – Customs procedures in Kenyan ports can be complex and highly dependent on individuals relationships with the cargo handler.   
  • Longer lead times – Many carriers will take circuitous routes with cargo destined to the African continent. 
  • Insurance – Your freight forwarder will be able to advise you as to how much and what kind of insurance to use for your shipment.  
  • Packing – The best way to insure that your cargo will arrive in good shape is to make sure that the cargo is packed sufficiently. 

About Kenya  

Kenya has been experiencing steady growth in trade over the past few years. It boasts a large agricultural sector and an economy that is driven by tourism and telecommunications products. 

The Kenyan Port Authority has been working closely with government officials with port expansion the primary objective. With 15 active ports, access to Kenya’s businesses and markets are relatively trouble free. 

Kenya’s Port of Mombasa is the largest and busiest port in Kenya. Through this port goods can move throughout eastern Africa, including Uganda, Somalia and Ethiopia.

Goods such as cement, petroleum products, coffee, and wood products are just some of the items that flow through this vibrant Kenyan port.

Recent expansion projects at Mombasa have made the port capable of handling larger ships. 

Air Freight  

Kenya boasts several airports capable of handling international freight. The largest and most active air freight port is Jomo Keyatta International airport. Other airports handling international cargo include Kisumu, Moi and Eldorat International airports. 

Additional Services – For Kenyans who are in Thailand to buy wholesale goods for retail in Kenya, Eagles Air & Sea offers their clients walk in shipping drop offs at their Pratunam facility. You can bring articles for shipment into our offices and we will handle the entire process from documentation, packing, and transport to the airport. Eagles air & Sea is your one stop service provider when shipping from Thailand to Kenya. 

For all your shipping needs into Kenya, the professionals at Eagles Air & Sea are available for a no cost consultation. Our goal is the find you the safest, most economical and fasted shipping mode when moving goods from Thailand to Kenya. 

Frequent Asked Questions

How do I clear imported goods in Kenya?

Typically, the importer will engage the services of a licensed clearing agent to handle the documentation requirements.

What is the travel time for ocean freight between Thailand and Kenya?

3 to 4 weeks between Laem Chabang and Mombasa. 

What is the travel time for air freight between Thailand and Kenya?

Cargo flights between Phuket and Mombasa are available on a daily basis. Flight time is approximately 18 hours. 

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