Shipping To Italy From Thailand


Shipping via ocean or airfreight from Thailand to Italy is a common practice for many Thai businesses as well as tourists from Italy that are looking to ship their purchases back to their home. 

As is obvious from a quick look at a map, Italy is basically a peninsula that is surrounded by four different seas, lending itself to a number of well-developed and strategically located ports. As Italy is closely located next to both the Straits of Gibraltar and the Suez canal, it has defined itself as a shipping hub for the region for tourists as well as cargo related to containerized vessels and break bulk shipping. 

While Italy has many ports of call located along its extensive coastline, let’s look at a few of the most important ports and their locations:

  • Trieste – The largest sea port in Italy, based on actual tonnage handled annually, Trieste is located in the Northeast sector of Italy. From this location, distribution of goods into central and Eastern Europe are easily accomplished via a well-developed road network of by air. 
  • Genoa – Another one of the larger Italian ports, genoa is located on the western side of the country. Over 8,000 vessels enter and depart from this port annually while moving over 2 million TEUs of containers. 
  • Livorno – Located adjacent to the Famous Tuscany region, Livorno is fully equipped to handle break bulk, ro-ro and general cargo. 
  • Other ports of significance include Cagliari in Sarnia and Ravenna in Emilia Romagna.


If your cargo is lighter or smaller and speed is important, then there are several options available throughout Italy’s well developed air cargo infrastructure. The largest air terminal in terms of total tonnage handles is in Milano at the Malpensa International airport.

Handling less tonnage on an annual basis, but located in the heavily populated Rome area, is the Fiumicino Int’l airport. 

Other popular airports in Italy are located in Bergamo, Bologna and Pisa. 

Exporting goods and cargo from Thailand to Italy:

Shipping goods into Italy is a relatively straight forward procedure as long as all of the documentation is accurately reflecting what the cargo is. That said, if you have not shipped goods to Italy before, you will be well advised to late a professional freight forwarder guide and assist you in the proper packaging, labeling and documenting of your cargo. This simple step will help to avoid costly delays, fines or confiscation of goods not allowed into Italy. 

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