Shipping to Hungary from Thailand

Commercial Relations between Hungary and Thailand 

Shipping to Hungary from Thailand is a growing commercial trend. Among ASEAN countries, Hungary has the longest standing relationship dating back to the treaty of Amity between the Kingdom of Siam and the Austro – Hungarian Monarchy in 1872. 

Since establishing diplomatic relations, there have been several bilateral trade agreements between these two countries, including aviation agreements, and other agreements designed to improve cooperation on such issues as agriculture and technology. 

In addition to many ongoing projects between the two countries, Thailand is also the regional distribution center for Hungarian made pharmaceuticals. 

Conversely, Hungary is the EU regional distribution center for pick-up trucks manufactured in Thailand. 

Computers, air conditioners and electrical transformers are just a few of the commodities that Thailand exports to Hungary.

Transportation Options between Thailand and Hungary 

Thailand to Hungary by Air freight

If speed is a requirement for your cargo, then air freight is the only good option. There are several flights departing from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport each day. Flight time between Bangkok and Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International airport is a little over 18 hours. Austrian Airlines is a popular carrier going into and out of Bangkok on a regular basis. 

Thailand to Hungary by ocean shipment

For heavier and larger cargo shipments, ocean freight will be the most economical. A ship leaving Thailand’s Laem Chabang port will usually arrive in Rotterdam within a month’s time frame. From there, the shipment can traverse to destinations within Hungary through a well-developed road infrastructure. 

Thailand to Hungary by Road  

In rare cases, transporting goods between Thailand and Hungary can be done via truck. This will take about 6 days and is dependent on road and traffic conditions in route.  

Cargo Restrictions

Before shipping your cargo from Thailand to Hungary, we would advise you to consult with a dependable freight forwarder. Some of the items that are not allowed into Hungary include fish oils, Meat and milk by products as well as infant food. 

Hungary’s Import Tax & Custom Fee Schedules

While taxes and import fees are generally quite low for most products, you will be well advised to check with your freight forwarding agent for the exact costs. Hungary calculates duties and taxes based on the CIF method, meaning that the tax and duty are based on the actual value of the cargo being received. 

To ensure a trouble free shipment without any financial surprises, we recommend that you work closely with your freight forwarder. At Eagles Air & Sea, our freight consultants will be happy to work with you on any international shipping requirements your might have. 

Frequent Asked Questions

Do ocean carriers insure my cargo on their ship?

The short answer is yes, but you will be well advised to insure your goods with a trusted agent as well.

Does Hungary have ports?

While Hungary has no ocean ports, it has a well-developed road structure and inland cargo can also travel within the Danube river basin.

What is the most important thing when shipping to Hungary?

As in shipping cargo to any destination, Secure and water tight packaging is the most important thing within your control.

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