Shipping from Thailand to Vietnam

Shipping from Thailand to VietnamIf you have goods or cargo that require shipping from Thailand to Vietnam, Eagles Air & Sea can offer several options for your consideration. Because we are a full service logistics support company, we can also incorporate our warehousing and free zone locations to enable you to stage goods and equipment for rapid delivery between these two countries. 

Ocean Freight 

Because Vietnam and Thailand are relatively close to each other and each have multiple ocean ports, transit times and cost considerations will usually give ocean freight the advantage over other modes of shipping. 

  • Vietnam has a very long border fronting the South China Sea. As such, there are multiple ports to choose from, all of which are capable of handling LCL and FCL containers. The two main ports are Haiphong and HCMC but other ports such as Cam Pha, Vung Ang, Da Nang and Qui Nong. Coupled with one of the many ports in Thailand, most shipments can transit from ports in Thailand to Vietnam between 4 – 7 days. 
  • Ocean Freight is typically the very best option if you are shipping heavy goods (over 200 KG)
  • Because of the plethora of ports along the coast of Vietnam, it is often possible to choose a port that will minimize truck transport between the port locale and the end destination inland. 
  • Transit times noted above include the time from port to port and customs clearance, loading and unloading will add to the total transit time. For the most accurate estimate of total transit time, our professional customer service staff can help you with realistic estimates of door to door service times. 

Air Freight 

If time is critical, air freight is still the fastest mode of transport between these two countries. With over 10 airports to choose from between the two countries, moving cargo between them via air is safe, efficient and relatively low priced. 

  • Transit times of 1-3 days are typical, including the export/import processing times.
  • If the size of your shipment is less than 200 KG and smaller than 2 CBM, air freight will be very competitive with ocean freight.
  • As a GSA and CSA for multiple airlines, Eagles Air & Sea can offer personalized air freight scheduling at the lowest prices available in the industry. 

Cross Border Trucking is available but we have found that in most cases, ocean or air freight is more competitive. In the case where goods need to move from the western frontier of Thailand to a remote location on the western border of Vietnam, cross border trucking can offer some advantages in time cost to specific destinations. Kang Transport, a subsidiary of Eagles Air & Sea, maintains a fleet of 4 and 6 wheel trucks that enable us to offer our customers unique solutions for unique situations. 

Whether you are shipping large container loads of goods or just require a one of courier service between Thailand and Vietnam, we invite your inquiry at Eagles Air and Sea. Call us at +66(02)7904599 or email inquiries to Our multi-lingual staff are standing by to offer you the best freight solutions in the region. 

Frequent Asked Questions 

Why is shipping from Vietnam to Thailand so expensive?

The cost of shipping from Vietnam to Thailand includes a host of variables that make it difficult for freight forwarders to predict their expenses when offering this service. Fuel costs, customs brokerage, and handling of cargo vary significantly from month to month. At Eagles Air & Sea we are constantly searching for the most cost effective means when shipping your goods from Viet Nam to Thailand.

How can I avoid import tax in Thailand?

If the value of your shipment is less than 1,500 baht, there will be no import taxes due. It is important to provide a receipt to show what the CIF value of your shipment is. 

What is the best way to ship large items from Viet Nam to Thailand?

There are 3 ways to transport between these two countries. For speedy delivery, air freight is the fastest but also the most expensive. Ocean transfer or cross border trucking are options we can explore with you depending on the size, weight and timing of your cargo shipment.

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