Shipping to Spain From Thailand

Shipping to Spain from Thailand has been picking up as we emerge from the impact of the pandemic. Exports from Thailand to Spain have grown to over 1 billion USD in recent years. 

If you are considering expanding your business to include exporting to Spain from Thailand, here are some “good to know” facts:

  • Shipping via Ocean carrier – Because of its location and geography, Spain in well known for an excellent infrastructure to manage ocean freight. Spain has five main ports to handle ocean freight. 
    • Algeciras, located in the province of Cadiz, is the third largest port on the Mediterranean with annual volumes in excess of 90 million tons. 
    • Valencia is the 5th busiest port in the EU community. There is an active ship repair facility in Valencia and the port itself can handle vessels up to 500 feet in length. 
    • Barcelona, positioned on the northeastern side of Spain in Catalan province has a history that goes back over twenty centuries. Because it is located so close to France’s border, Barcelona is a major gateway into the rest of Europe. 
    • Bilbao handles a lot of steel and iron commerce and is considered an ideal port for trade with the UK.
    • Castellon is a relatively newer port when compared to many of the other ports along Spain’s coastline. That said, it is growing at the fastest rate of all Spanish ports. 
  • Shipping to Spain’s international airports – Air freight from Thailand to Spain will typically take between 6 to 8 days, depending on the carrier and the destination. Here are the primary international airports that handle air freight on a regular basis:
    • Bilbao has a new terminal and is the largest airport in the north of Spain. If your goods are destined for Santander, San Sabastian or Miranda de Ebro this airport is the best choice.
    • Madrid is actually Spain’s largest cargo hub with in excess of 200 freight companies servicing this airport. 
    • Barcelona is a good choice if you are looking to ship into the Catalonia region. It has 3 runways capable of handling the largest of air freight carriers. 

Whether you are looking to develop business activity in Spain or are just looking for a good way to move some personal items from Thailand to Spain, the professionals at Eagles Air & Sea will be happy to guide you in choosing the best transport options to that part of the world. 

Frequent Asked Questions

What are Spain’s major imports?

Crude oil and gas are its major imports along with automobiles and automobile parts.

Are there any special restrictions of product into Spain?

There are restrictions on some types of pharmaceuticals as well as gambling materials and tobacco. 

What are Thailand’s main exports to Spain?

Machinery items, electronics and agricultural products make up the majority of Thailand’s exports to Spain.

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