If you are an artist with a growing list of customers around the world or if you just want to send a family heirloom cross country, here are our recommendations of the best way to ship art.

Here are some simple instructions and things to consider when shipping artworks of any type:

  • Keeping your artwork safe while in transit

    Nothing creates more problems for an emerging artist than to have his or her artworks reach the customer in a damaged state.
    Step one is to make sure your painting or artwork is securely wrapped and sealed in a waterproof wrapper, most likely a plastic bag that seals. It is also a good idea to add a few packs of desiccant inside with the paining to ensure no condensation happens while in transit.
    Bubble wrap is the standard “go to” for making sure the paining doesn’t rattle around inside the shipping box. Reinforced cardboard with protective corners is the best bet for external containment. Avoid Styrofoam bubbles as they are not the best protection for this type of cargo and your customer will appreciate not having to clean them up when unpack the packaging.


  • Cost

    Managing transportation cost can be a smart one time effort when sending a single artwork to a friend or relative. On the other hand, shipping costs can often impact a startup artists business model if not managed effectively.

  • This is where a shipping partner experienced in transporting works of art internationally can be a big help. At Eagles Air and Sea, we have professionals on hand who have handled a wide range of artistic treasure for their clients. We can advise of the most cost effective protocols for getting your works of art from one place to another.


  • Marketing and Presentation

    If you are an emerging artist trying to establish a name for yourself, it is important to consider how your work product is first seen by your customers. You may want to consider a small investment in custom designed outer containers with your name and/or logo printed on the box or container. 

shipping painting and arts Thailand

Additionally, when they open the outer container a professionally packaged artwork with well-designed packing and wrapping will demonstrate a level of professionalism that is always going to make a positive impact on the client.
This is also an opportunity to enclose any marketing or advertisement materials that could lead to follow on orders from this particular customer. Business cards, samples of your work, etc. are going to get noticed if they are included in the shipping contents. 

If you are considering the shipment of painting or other works of art or other types of project cargo, we invite you to consult with our knowledgeable staff at Eagles Air and Sea for help in making your deliveries cost effective and safe.