Shipping from Thailand to Nigeria

Eagles air & Sea provides clients shipping from Thailand to Nigeria with multiple options, depending on timing, type of cargo, and your budget. Our team can take your specific shipping requirements to Nigeria and customize a unique plan to fit your unique circumstances. 

  • Palletized shipments – We offer insurance and storage options to optimize efficiency, costs, and delivery schedules for your palletized cargo to Nigeria.


  • Luggage transport – If you are a tourist visiting Thailand or a business retailer shopping for goods from Bangkok’s clothing wholesalers, our Pratunam office offers walk in services that can consolidate your luggage or goods purchases and package them for direct shipment to your address in Nigeria.


  • Customs clearance and duties – When your shipment arrives in Nigeria you can expect your goods to go through the customs process. This is where it will be determined what, if any, duties will be applied to the contents. It is important to know that textiles such as rugs and fabrics are prohibited as are most precious metals. It is also very important that your detailed list and descriptions of the cargo accurately reflect the cargo content.


  • Sea Ports – With a quick look at a map, you will see that Nigeria has only a southern coast line. The two major ports along that coastline are the Port of Lagos (the largest and busiest port in Nigeria) and the Port of Onne on the southeast side of the coast. From these ports, most goods are loaded onto trucks or trains for delivery throughout Nigeria.


  • International air ports – There are 5 international airports in Nigeria capable of handling international freight. The largest and most used is Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos. This airport was established during WW II and was originally named Lagos International airport. Other airports that can handle international air freight include Nnamdi Azikiwe, Port Harcourt, Mallam Aminu Kano and Akanu Ibiam International. 


Ask us about shipping from Thailand to Nigeria

Frequent Asked Questions 

What is the transit time from Thailand to Nigeria?

For air freight from Bangkok to Lagos, you can expect your shipment to take 3 days. For ocean freight, the transit time is between 18 and 23 days.

What does it cost to ship from Thailand to Nigeria?

Costs depend on volumes, weight, and mode of transport. Generally speaking, it will cost about 5 time more to ship via air when compared to ocean freight. For more detailed cost estimates, contact Eagles with your list and description of cargo for a free estimate.

Can I ship my car from Thailand to Nigeria?

The short answer is “yes”, with some considerations. The most important requirement for shipping a car to Nigeria is that it has to be 15 years old or newer.