Shipping to Netherlands from Thailand

Shipping to the Netherlands from Thailand is a common and frequent operation for several reasons. In this article we will explore why this is so and talk a bit about the best ways to move cargo between these two countries. 

Regional gateways: 

Both Thailand and the Netherlands share many economic as well as geographic characteristics. 

  • The Netherlands is considered the key gateway to the European Union. It has a well-developed logistics network, strong and efficient port system, and is closely linked via roads and rail to  all of western Europe. 
  • Thailand’s central location within SE Asia has positioned it to be the main logistics hub for much of the ASEAN network. 

Investment strategies:

  • The Netherlands is Thailand’s largest source of direct financial investment within the EU. 
  • Conversely, Thailand direct investment in the Netherlands is the highest among all European Union countries. 
  • Both countries have prioritized technology and leading edge manufacturing in their economies. 


As a result of the covid pandemic, trade between Thailand and the Netherlands dropped in 2019 and 2020. Since then, the volume of goods going between these two countries has rebounded nicely.

The most significant products going from Thailand to the Netherlands include such commodities as computer components, rubber products, and poultry, both frozen and fresh. 

Going the other way, the Netherlands ship a large quantity of dairy products, pharma, chemicals, and integrated circuits to Thailand. 


Cargo Destinations into the Netherlands:

  • The two main ports in the Netherlands are Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The port of Amsterdam is accessed via the North Sea Canal and is the 5th busiest port in all of Europe. 
  • If your goods are going into either of these two ports you can expect transit time to be about 35 days from Laem Chabang port to Amsterdam. 
  • Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport is one of the busiest and most efficient air hubs in Europe. It has facilities to handle all types of cargo including both long and short term warehousing requirements. 
  • Cargo traveling between Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport and Schiphol will take between one to three days. 


When bring cargo in from Thailand the most important thing to remember is that your inventory list of goods must line up accurately with what is in the airplane or cargo container. Netherlands customs x-rays all ocean going containers and periodically manually inspects content as well. You will be well advised to secure the resources of a well-respected and experienced freight forwarder to handle all of the documentation requirements for both air and sea freight. 

Frequent Asked Questions

What items are restricted?

Here is an abbreviated list – Cigarettes, gasoline, ammunition and alcoholic beverages. For a complete list, check with your freight forwarder. 

Do I need insurance for my cargo?

The short answer is no, but the best answer is yeas. While carriers do insure cargo while on their ship or plane, the coverage isn’t always very good and it is better to secure your own insurance coverage as needed. 

Is door to door delivery reasonably priced?

While it isn’t cheap, securing door to door delivery for your personal goods is much more trouble free than managing the delivery on your own. 

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