Shipping to Morocco from Thailand

Shipping to Morocco from Thailand is a relatively simple and straight forward process. If you own a business in Thailand with customers in Morocco we have options for you. Additionally, if you are in Morocco on holiday and wish to send your purchases home, a good freight forwarder can assist you in getting your goods to Morocco safely and economically.

First- let’s take a look at Morocco geographically and see what airports and ocean ports are the possible targets of your shipment.

  • Geography – Morocco is located in the very northeastern corner of the continent of Africa. With a unique culture and being only a few miles from continental Europe, it has developed an infrastructure in both air transport as well as ocean freight ports of call that make shipping from Thailand to Morocco safe and economical.
  • Airports – Morocco has 7 major airports that service a wide range of destination including the main cities of Casablanca, Tangies and Marrakech. Royal Air Maroc is the dominant air carrier in Morocco.

The largest airport in Morocco is Mohamed V International located on the outskirts of Casablanca. In Marrakech, the main airport for freight in that city is the Menara Marrakech International Airport as well as being one of the top tourist destinations in Africa.
Other airports of note are Al Massira Airport in Agadir, Nador International Airport and Ibn Battouta In Tangier. 

  • Ocean ports – Shipping langs using the Suez Canal pass through Morocco with many of them stopping in Moroccan ports. For the most part, you will find that ports in this country are well developed and meet international shipping protocols. 

The port of Nador is one of the busiest hubs in Morocco. There are two interconnected harbors this port utilizes and shares with the Spanish enclave of Malilla.

The largest port as rated by cargo capacity in Morocco is Tangier Med. Much of the trade with Europe goes through this recently expanded port. Oil storage, free zones, and nearby industrial hubs are a main commercial attraction of this port, with large automotive companies like Nissan and Fiat and the footwear giant Adidas.

Whether your requirements are for ocean or air freight services to Morocco, the professional staff at Eagles Air and Sea will be happy to work with you to develop a safe, cost efficient and timely approach for moving your goods from the Kingdom of Thailand to its destination in Morocco.  

Frequent Asked Questions 

What is the Ocean freight time from Thailand to Morocco?

Ocean shipping between these two countries can take anywhere from 25 to 40 days, depending upon the destination and the time of the year.

How long does air freight take between Thailand and Morocco?

Expedited air freight will generally take from 2 to 5 days with regualt air freight taking up to 8 days.

How much duty will I pay for my shipment to Morocco?

You can expect to pay up to 20% VAT, depending upon what you bring in to the country. 

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