Shipping to Ireland from Thailand

Ireland and Thailand have maintained diplomatic and business relationships for over 40 years. Today, an active Irish business economy exists in Thailand doing over 500 million Euros annually. Tourism from Ireland to Thailand has exceeded over 65,000 visitors annually before the covid pandemic struck . 

Cargo Destinations in Ireland 

While Ireland is comparatively small geographically, there can be no denying the high level of commerce and goods moving into and out of Ireland. With three sea ports capable of handling both lift off/on and roll off/on cargo, access to industry and consumers is ensured. Dublin is the largest port in Ireland, handling upwards of 37 million metric tons annually. Ireland also maintains 5 international airports in Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Knock, and Belfast. Air freight storage and handling facilities are available at all 5 of these airports. 

Choosing between air and ocean freight 

While there are no clear cut guidelines when trying to decide between air freight and ocean cargo modes. Here are a few considerations:

  • Budget – As you might expect, air freight is typically going to be more expensive than ocean freight. That said, there are exceptions to every rule. If your cargo is relatively small in size and weighs less than 200 pound, you might find the difference in pricing to be minimal.
  • Speed – A package sent via air from Thailand to Ireland should arrive in 4 to 7 days. With expediting fees, that timing can be shortened to 2 days if expense is not a priority. Ocean freight can take upwards of 70 days, depending on the ports of call the ship is scheduled to make in the journey from Bangkok to one of the ports in Ireland. 
  • Security – While no shipping mode is risk free, it is important to consider what could go wrong while your cargo is in transit. A long ocean voyage will see wide ranges of humidity and temperature while in transit. Handling damage, while relatively rare, can happen with either ocean or air freight. 

For best results

Whatever type and size of cargo you are shipping, here are a few tips to ensure a safe and economical journey for your goods:

  • Make sure your cargo is not on a list of prohibited goods in the country you are shipping to. 
  • Documentation – While most countries have similar customs and documentation requirements, there are variations from country to country.
  • Packaging – It is much better to over pack than to not secure your things sufficiently. To prevent damage from moisture, temperature and handling, be sure to use plenty of shock absorbing materials and seal everything with plastic wrapping. 

In short, you will probably find it is the best option to engage the services of an experience freight forwarder to walk you through the procedures required to send cargo internationally. 

At Eagles air & Sea, our multi-lingual professional staffers are standing by to help make your shipment a trouble free experience. 

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