Shipping From Thailand to Taiwan

If you are considering shipping from Thailand to Taiwan, Eagle Air & Sea offers multiple services to get your goods from one country to the other. Based in Thailand, we offer our customers sea and air shipping options for goods that are going into Taiwan. We offer door to door services that include all applicable licenses, customs clearance and documentation. 

At Eagles Air & Sea we have well developed business relationships with freight forwarders in Taiwan that will ensure your shipment is handled efficiently, economically and safely as it arrives at the airport or port in Taiwan. Issues with customs, duties, and delivery will be handled professionally as your goods are treated with the utmost of respect and care.  

Option #1 – Ocean Freight

When considering the mode of shipping that will be best for your particular project, ocean freight is probably going to be the best option. Shipping times between these two countries are relatively quick and pricing is typically quick. As Taiwan is such a small country that has all of its border exposed to the sea, there are numerous ports to choose from, including Hualien, Kaohsiung, Keelung, Taichung and Mailiao Harbor. All ports are well developed to handle both FCL and LCL containers. Most shipments, depending on the ports of call, will be able to get your goods delivered within one week. 

Option #2 – Air Freight

In some circumstances air freight might be your best option. There are no less than 4 airports In Taiwan that can be leveraged for speedy pickup and delivery. While express service is available that will move your goods in one day, this option can get very expensive. Normal air freight delivery will take 2 to 3 days. 

In either case, air or ocean, we offer freight consolidation options that can significantly reduce the cost of moving goods between these two countries.

Thailand – Taiwan Business Relationship

While Taiwan is not a member of ASEAN, it is important to note that Taiwan’s investment in the economies of ASEAN members such as Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore has approached almost 3 billion in USD each year. While that rate of investment has dipped in 2020, we would expect this strong trade relationship to resume between Taiwan and Thailand to continue in 2021 and beyond.

Free Initial Consult

We will also advise you on items or goods that are not allowed into Taiwan, such as counterfeit goods, firearms, pornography and contraband drugs to name just a few items. 

Within our staff, we have the ability to communicate in Thai and English,  aiding and ensuring that communications can take place quickly and efficiently when dealing with your shipment. To contact our staff, you can reach us via phone at +66 (02) 790 4599 or by email at to set up a free initial consultation. We will review with you what you want shipped and advise you on the most cost effective approach to moving your goods between these two countries.

Frequent Asked Questions 

Can I ship food or Nutritional supplements to Taiwan?

Yes, you can send nutritional supplements and vitamins, for your own personal use, to Taiwan. Be sure to leave the items in their original container(s) and pack them in a cardboard box using plenty of packing materials to minimize shifting of the contents. 

What items are prohibited from shipping to Taiwan?

For a complete list of prohibited items, contact the professionals at Eagles Air & Sea, but some common items that are restricted include alcohol, coffee, ammunition, plants and tobacco. 

What is “freight consolidation”?

When shipping to common locations such as Taiwan, customers can often enjoy the opportunity to consolidate their shipment with other customers who are shipping to the same destination. This is often cheaper and faster than shipping your cargo independently. 

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