Shipping to South Africa

If you are planning on shipping to South Africa from Thailand, Eagles Air & Sea, has the experience and contacts in this exciting and bustling part of Africa to get your goods there quickly, safely and with a minimum of stress and worry on your part.  

While there are several reasons to ship your goods from Thailand to South Africa with Eagles Air & Sea, let’s look at a few of the more common situations: 

  • You are visiting Thailand from South Africa and have picked up some exciting bargains and cultural replicas while here

    While many people buy extra luggage and check their newly purchased goods as excess baggage at the airport, the costs of getting those items back to Durban, Johannesburg or other South African locations can be excessive. A cheaper and easier method for getting your items back home to South Africa is to use Eagle’s walk up shipping center in the Pratunam district of Bangkok. Our multi-lingual staff there will take you goods, package them for safe transit, and ship them to your South Africa destination for a fraction of the cost of paying for excess carry-on baggage at the airport. Our Eagles staff will take care of all the customs documentation and associated paperwork to ensure that your goods will arrive safe and sound. 


  • You live in Thailand and want to send a gift to someone in South Africa

    Sending a gift to a friend or relative in South Africa can be as easy as dropping by the Pratunam walk up shipping location of Eagles Air & Sea. We can help you with the documentation and explain costs such as duties and taxes. Generally speaking, tax and duty calculations for gifts are significantly less than the tax and duties would be on the same item destined for resale in South Africa. Also, it is important to note that many items, such as perfumes, are not allowed to be shipped internationally. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, we recommend that you consult with our professional staff and let us take care of getting that special gift to its destination in South Africa.


  • You are moving from Thailand to South Africa

    While considerable more complicated than shipping parcels, at Eagles Air & Sea, we have a professional staff dedicated to moving households internationally. Generally speaking, a single 20 foot or 40 foot container will hold everything that a family of four would need to ship in order to set up housekeeping in South Africa. We will take care of the pre-planning, packing, loading and shipping of your household goods and will work with our partners in South Africa to make sure your new home will be ready to live in on a schedule that works for everyone involved. If needed, we can arrange for short term storage in Thailand or South Africa as needed. 

In summary, whatever your shipping needs between Thailand and South Africa, the friendly and professional staff at Eagles Air & Sea offer a free consult. Just contact us by phone at +66 (02) 790 4599 or email us at 


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