Shipping from Thailand to Brazil

Shipping from Thailand to Brazil has become a large business channel in recent years. The latest figures indicate that over $1.70 billion of goods moves from Thailand to Brazil in a typical year. While the pandemic has caused some interruptions, one can expect those numbers to pick up again as the balance of trade between countries starts to re-establish themselves.

If you are expecting to export goods from Thailand to Brazil in the coming months, you can depend on our professional team at Eagles air & Sea to manage your cargo efficiently and economically. 

What are the options for shipping from Thailand to Brazil?

There are just two ways to get goods from Thailand to Brazil – either via air freight or containerized ocean cargo.

As you might imagine, there are pros and cons for either of these methods, so let’s take a closer look at the details:

  • Ocean Freight provides two basic options…..LCL of less than a container load which means yo will be sharing a container with other customers who are shipping their goods to the same destination. This is usually the most economical path for smaller shipments.FCL or full container load will work for those customers who are shipping larger amounts of good. In this scenario, you would purchase the entire space available on either a 20 foot or 40 foot container. Usually, this is a faster mode than LCL as there is no waiting for enough customers to fill the entire container. Depending on the amount of cargo you are shipping, it can sometimes be cheaper than going the LCL route. As a good rule of thumb, consider four weeks as a baseline timeline for shipping on an ocean carrier.
  • Air freighting cargo from Thailand to Brazil  – For speedy delivery, air freight is always going to be the fastest (and most expensive) option. The delta in pricing will depend to a great deal on the size, weight, and type of cargo you plan to ship. This is where a dependable and well informed freight forwarding agent can  help you to make the best decisions when it comes to shipping modes. Air freight between these two countries will usually be 5 to 9 days, depending on where in Brazil the goods are destined for.
  • One caveat to consider….if your shipment isn’t over 35 kilograms, you may want to consider hiring an international courier to handle a smaller package.

If your goods are perishable (flowers, plants, etc.) then the recommendation will always be air freight. Your freight forwarding agent will help you with choosing the right ports in Brazil as inland road transport can be a bit tricky the farther you go into this large and complicated country’s infrastructure. 

For more information regarding shipping from Thailand to Brazil, the people at Eagles air & Sea invite you to contact them for a more detailed analysis of your project. 

Frequent Asked Questions 

How long does it take to clear Brazil Customs?
Typically, it will take about 3 days if all documentation is in order and there are no restricted items in the shipment. 
What is the distance between Thailand and Brazil?

The trip between Thailand and the eastern coast of Brazil is about 17,000 kilometers.

What are the main ports in Brazil?
The largest and the one that handles the most cargo is the port of santos in Sao Paulo. The other most commonly used port is in Rio De Janiero.

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