Shipping from Thailand to Australia

Shipping from Thailand to Australia can be a trouble free, reasonably cheap, and efficient process if the right freight forwarder is working for you. If this is the first time you are shipping from Thailand to Australia, you may be have a lot of questions on how to get your stuff from one place to the next. The folks at Eagles Air & Sea, Ltd. are experienced in alleviating concerns, answering your questions, and finding the best transportation solution for your requirements. 

Why Choose Eagles Thailand for Your Shipment to Australia?


At Eagles Air & Sea, Ltd., we take pride in offering a wide range of transportation services and take pride in our staff that you will find are:

  • Experienced – With over 25 years in the freight forwarding industry, our staff have worked with a wide range of clients, shippers, and shipping configurations. We have learned what works and what types of problems can come up when corners are cut in documentation, scheduling and choices of transport.
  • Professional – Our multi-lingual staff will work with you to understand your budget, timelines, and specific needs to arrive at the best possible transport solution to get your goods from Thailand to Australia safely, securely and efficiently. 

Shipping times and distances to Australia are very dependent on the type of shipment you choose and the city in Australia you are shipping to. The major cities with large ports for ocean freight include Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne but there are scores of other ports operating around the country.


Services Offered for Shipment to Australia



When you contact our professional staff at Eagles air & Sea we will go over the options, transit times and costs associated with different options, including:

  • Door to Door – This option is typically preferred by individuals who are shipping personal items or moving their household goods to the continent. Door to door means what it sounds like: we will pick up the goods at your address in Thailand, package and crate everything up, and make arrangements for everything to be delivered and unpacked at your new address in Australia.
  • Door to Port – an option often used by businesses who have the equipment (trucks) available to pick up their goods at the port and the staff who are experienced in moving the goods through Australian customs. 
  • Port to Port – Another option used by large commercial entities that ship regularly between a specific point of origin in Thailand to their business in Australia.
  • LCL vs. FCL – Depending on the amount of cargo your shipment involves, the size of the container and whether you have enough cargo to justify the cost of renting a full container, we will advise you on whether to  rent an entire container (FCL) or share a container (LCL) with other people who are shipping to the same destination.
  • Air vs. Ocean – When comparing ocean freight to air freight, speed of transport and cost are the main considerations. Air freight is significantly more expensive than ocean freight but the transit time can be measured in days vs. the weeks that it takes for ocean based cargo. 

If you need to ship between Australia and Thailand, contact us at Eagles Air & Sea by phone at +66 (02) 790 4599 or Email at  for a no obligation consult and cost estimate. 


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Frequent Asked Questions

What items are restricted when shipping to Australia?

Besides the obvious items such weapons, drugs and other illegal substances all meat related items and items containing diary or eggs. Also included in the restricted list are items made from plants like wreaths and potpourri stuff.

Are there still shipping delays to Australia?

While the pandemic related delays have been reduced considerable, there are still spot delays related to container accessibility and congestion at many ports. Your Eagles representatives can help you avoid serious delays ahead of time as the situation continues to be very dynamic. 

How many ports are in Australia?

There are 17 major ports in Australia.

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