Shipping From Thailand to Germany

Personal and commercial shipping from Thailand to Germany has a long history with several multinational European companies using both Thailand and Germany as bases for their international operations.

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany has one of the most highly developed industrial sectors in the world. Conversely, Thailand has well developed manufacturing sectors in areas such as automotive and electronics. 

As a result of this well-developed business relationship, movement of expatriates between Germany and Thailand has become a frequent occurrence. In this article we will look more closely at the issues and options available for those who find themselves moving between these two countries. 

To begin with, Germany is one of the most preferred destinations for Thais, whether for business or personal reasons. With its well managed government, storied German culture, and high standard of living, Germany is the often the ultimate destination for those who are considering a move to a western economy. 

If you are planning a move to Germany from Thailand, here are a few things to know and consider before the move:

  • Transport Options – Given the distances involved, there are really only two options; air freight or ocean. If you are on a budget, your best bet is to secure a 20 ft or 40 foot ocean container. At Eagles air & Sea, we have a long history of working with our German freight forwarding partners and if you can plan ahead, this option is typically the one preferred by most people moving between these two countries.
    However, in some circumstances, like a single person who is moving from Thailand to Germany and is not planning to take a long many personal items, air freight can be much quicker. If you aren’t sure which option to take, it is best to consult with your freight forwarder who can lay out the costs and other pros and cons.


  • Ports and Customs Considerations – Since Germany is land locked on 3 sides, any ocean freight will arrive at one of three ports on the northern edge of Germany. Typically Hamburg is the port of call for ships coming from Thailand. It is the busiest and most efficient of the three main German ports. From the port, your goods will travel by truck to the end destination you have chosen. 
    To bring your items through German customs without any problems there are two things to remember. Number 1 is to make sure you have identified everything in your shipment accurately. Number 2 is to ensure you haven’t sent anything that is not allowed into Germany. This is where it is a great advantage to have the support and guidance of an experienced and reputable freight forwarder like Eagles air & Sea Ltd. They have accurate lists of prohibited items and the estimated costs for duty items as well. 

For further information regarding shipping of any kind to Germany, the professionals at Eagles Air & Sea are there to help. You can contact them via email at or by phone at+66 (02) 790 4599. 

Frequent Asked Questions 

Does Eagles Air & Sea provide transport insurance?

Yes, we work with a well-respected Thai based insurer to provide the best insurance at a reasonable cost. We can provide insurance for door to door coverage.

What is prohibited to ship to Germany?

Besides the obvious items such as illegal drugs and firearms, you cannot send such items as jewelry (including watches), precious metals, securities or paper money. 

I have some large items – what is the best way to ship them to Germany?

We can provide you guidance on the best way to ship larger items, but generally, you will need to palletize your goods to ensure the best protection, wether sending via air or surface.

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