If you are an expat living in Thailand or just a tourist vacationing in the region, you will probably, at some point, looking for service that help shipping from Bangkok to USA destinations. This article is designed to make the experience of shipping personal goods from Bangkok to a USA destination as economical and trouble free as possible.

If you take the time to read and follow these simple guidelines we believe your chances of a successful delivery to your USA destination are excellent.

1. Getting the shipping ready 

This is perhaps the most important step that the shipper (you) can control. Take the time and care necessary to protect your shipment from handling and potential water damage. While it never hurts to make a package as “fragile” in reality, that marking does little to prevent rough handling during the multiple transfers your package will endure. Putting valuable items inside a sealed plastic bag is another important and cheap way to ensure that any moisture won’t ruin that special keepsake.

If you choose to have your items packaged by a shipper, such as Eagles Air & Sea, we will take the steps necessary to ensure your items are protected during the journey. We also offer photos of your goods as they are packaged before shipment, in case of in transit damage claims.

2. Documentation 

Shipping anything out of Thailand requires a specific list of documents that include such things as the sender’s name and address, the destination as well as a complete list of what you are shipping and the value of the items involved.

To ensure that your shipment isn’t held up in USA customs it is imperative that good descriptions of the items as well as their value are documented within the paperwork attached to the shipment. There are many items that are forbidden to be shipped out of Thailand as well, including software, Royal seals and narcotics. To avoid running into problems with illegal export items, it is best to depend on a professional shipper such as Eagles Air & Sea to create the proper documentation and screen items that may run into trouble with either Thai or USA customs officials.

3. Shipping your entire household

If you are an expat who is moving from Thailand back to the USA, you will want to enlist the services of a professional relocation company such as Eagles Air & Sea. Large or heavy items in significant quantities will usually determine that you will need to ship your belongings in a container aboard an ocean freighter.

When you consult with us before you are ready to ship we can guide you through the process of deciding between the different options available for shipping via ocean freight. Depending on the amount of goods and your available budget, we will explain the options such as door to door vs. door to port and whether to use an LCL (less than container Load) or FCL (Full container Load).

For a fuss free shipping experience from Thailand to USA,  contact us at Eagles Air & Sea. We have over 25 years of experience shipping personal items all over the world. We are standing by to help and guide you on your international transportation needs.