Tank Container

For Liquid & Gaseous Cargoes

Why Use Tank Container?

For customers that are shipping liquid or gaseous cargoes, the tank container is often a better solution than loading standard containers with barrels or bladders to hold the content. Tank containers provide flexibility and safe transportation via ocean, rail or truck transport without have to load and unload the contents. This can be especially important when transporting hazardous liquids or gases. 

Requirements for Tank Container Use

There are important requirements that need to be followed when shipping in a tank container.

  • They have to be filled to at least 80% of their capacity to minimize surging of the content during transport.
  • Additionally, tank containers must not exceed 95% of their capacity to allow for expansion of the cargo as it is exposed to changes in temperature. 

Other Facts on Tank Container

While almost all tank containers are built to conform to the outline of the standard 20 foot container, there are containers that are configured in 10, 30, 40 and 45 foot footprints as well. A tank container tare weight is almost 10,000 lbs. and will hold a maximum of approximately 55,000 lbs. of cargo.

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Tank container is available for liquid and gaseous shipment