Flat Rack Containers

For Special Loading

Why Use Flat Rack Container?

For customers that have special loading considerations, such as the need to load from the top of the container, a flat rack container is often a good alternative to the standard 20 foot or 40 foot enclosed container. 

Facts About Flat Rack Containers

  • Flat rack containers are available in both the 20 foot and 40 foot configurations.
  • The frame of the container is steel but the floor is typically made from wood.
  • These containers can be outfitted with anchor rings and stanchions to provide additional support and control of the cargo.
  • Most flat rack containers have collapsible walls at both ends, making them much easier to store and reposition when empty as they only take up a quarter of the space of an ordinary cubed container when the ends are folded down.
  • Flat rack containers with non-collapsible walls are also used when the strength and rigidity requirements of the container demand this type (See the picture below).
  • The downside of using rigid or non – collapsible flat rack containers is that they take up much more room to store or transport when empty. 

If you have further question, the professionals at Eagles Air & Sea can help you to find the right shipping configuration for your specific requirements. We are available 24/7 either by email at sales@eagles.com or call our phone +662 790 4599.

Flat rack container is available for your shipment