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The semiconductor logistics industry in Thailand has continued to adapt to the requirements of this dynamic component of Thailand’s manufacturing sector.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the role semiconductors play in manufacturing and the resulting impact this key component has had on Thailand’s logistics service industry.

Semiconductor – the definition 

Semiconductors are  composed of chemical compounds that can conduct electricity under some conditions but will also act like an insulator in other situations. The term semiconductor indicates that the device can act as an insulator or conductor of electricity, therefore earning the name “semiconductor”.

As a further point of reference, a semiconductor is a key component of transistors and the integrated circuitry in many modern applications.

Semiconductor History 

The history of the modern day semiconductor is generally credited with the invention of the transistor and integrated circuit. William Shockley was a member of a team of physicists that demonstrated working semiconductor applications in the form of a transistor or integrated circuit in 1947.

By 1960, advances in the design and manufacture of transistors and integrated circuits was opening up the path for development of computers and other electronics as the these devices replaced vacuum tubes in radios, televisions and other electronic devices. 

Semiconductor applications today 

Today, semiconductor applications include a wide range of devices found in military, communications, medical and consumer electronics. An entire industry has developed within Thailand that is either involved in the manufacture of semiconductor devices or integrating them into a multitude of consumer and industrial applications. 

Semiconductor Logistics

Due to the relatively small size of semiconductors and their importance as a component of so many electronic devices, the requirements of the logistics function within the semiconductor food chain is of critical importance.

  • Speed – Just in Time delivery scenarios are the rule rather than the exception in the semiconductor logistics segment. Customers depend on freight forwarders to get their supply chains that include semiconductors to be 100% dependable and on time.
  • Storage and handling – Because semiconductors are so small and sensitive to heat, light, and external electrical impulses, the storing, handling and transport of semiconductors requires a level of expertise and attention not found in many other areas of the freight forwarding business environment. 
  • Transportation – Shipping semiconductors regionally or internationally will usually require the use of air transport. Ocean freight is generally considered impractical for items made from semiconductors as a result of the speed that components move through the modern electronics industry. 

Logistics you can depend on 

To handle the unique demands of the players in Thailand’s semiconductor industry, Eagles Air & Sea has developed extensive experience handling this type of cargo, both locally and internationally. 

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Semiconductor logistics Thailand

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