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If you own a business or in charge of the shipping and receiving of goods in a larger company, you know how important it is to manage shipping costs. This is especially true of international shipments as the costs associated with long distance shipping plus customs and terminal fees can take a huge bite out of the profit model for any product.

At Eagles Air & Sea, we constantly work with our customers , both large and small to identify the most cost effective international cargo shipping rates available. We have experienced staff who will identify the optimum shipping mode for each specific commodity. When working with our clients to create the best shipping strategy, we consider many of the following issues to come up with the best solution:




International Cargo shipping Rates – Every shipping company is different. They have routes that they protect with lower rates and there are times when ships are looking to fill their ship before a predetermined departure dates. Keeping track of the myriad of variables that affect international cargo shipping rates is a full time job and at Eagles Air & Sea we take that job seriously.

Bi-Modal transit – It is an increasingly popular shipping strategy. We all know that ocean transit is generally cheaper than air, but can take several weeks to get commodities to their destination. Sometimes a shipment can be put on an ocean carrier for delivery to a port that is also an air cargo hub, where air freight rates are much lower than the port of origin. This method is often a good compromise between speed and cost.

Consolidation – Consolidation of ocean freight with other freight going to the same destination can save all shipper involved a lot of cost as they can each share in the benefit of the lower cost associated with a full container shipment. This is where a good logistics provider can help their clients find opportunities to ship the LCL (Less than a container load) at rates that are more in line with FCL (Full container load) shipments.

Weight vs. Volume – While air freight is going to be more expensive than ocean freight when comparing international cargo shipping rates, it is important to note that the type of commodity you are shipping and the density of that commodity can have a big impact on freight economics. Generally speaking, ocean freight costs are calculated based on volume while the primary determinant of cost for air freight is weight. If your freight is light, but bulky, you may find that the delta in cost between air and ocean freight might not be as large as you would expect.

Economic Shipping Quantities – Depending on your commodity type, shelf life, and distribution patterns, it might be in your best interest to take advantage of the lower costs associated with larger shipments. Once you materials are positioned in a strategic location, they can be delivered in smaller quantities via truck or rail. Eagles Air & Sea provides many of our customers with same day distribution of their products from our warehouses directly to their customers all over Southeast Asia.

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  • Logistics Professional – Searching for and securing the best value in international transportation is a job for Logistics Professionals. You can trust Eagles Air & Sea to find the best transportation options for your unique requirements.
  • Your Business Is Our Priority – Eagles Air & Sea has made it their business to help their clients find the right logistics solutions for their business model. At Eagles Air & Sea we promise to earn your business and trust with world class service and support.
  • Trusted Partners – With an almost unlimited number of options available in the international shipping environment, it is important to only trust the transport of your goods to an experienced logistics provider you can trust.

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