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Thailand is known worldwide as a health care provider that is not only competitive in the level of care but as an economical alternative to many healthcare systems throughout the world. As such, Thailand healthcare logistics is a key component required for this reputation to remain intact.

A successful healthcare system requires four components to operate at a high level of customer and patient support:



– In no other industry are the stakes so high as in the healthcare field. Medical grade goods need to be packaged and transported using state of the art technology that not only assures that the product arrives on time and where it is supposed to, but that the products being shipped have been monitored for temperature and have not been subjected to environments where damage could have occurred. Temperature control of medicines is a primary expectation of any logistics provider within the healthcare industry.


Tracking Throughout the Supply Chain 

– Medical grade products that are used in hospitals and other health care facilities require a tracking system where both the shipper and the recipient have visibility to the goods at every step along the way. This type of control requires state of the art technology throughout the supply chain. Equipment and medicines require visibility at every stage of the transportation process. Administratively, this means that shipping documentation can have no errors that could cause a shipment of life saving drugs to be held up in a customs house.




– Distribution of healthcare goods and services require fast and efficient delivery systems. Excess inventory within a healthcare facility is a cause for alarm, not only financially but in terms of viability and effectiveness related to the degradation of vaccines and medicines over time. Shelf life is a major concern. This means that medical facilities often require same day delivery systems that allow them to have access to medicines as soon as the need is recognized.




– The very nature of healthcare requires a highly flexible and responsive logistics provider. Unlike commercial manufacturing, where demand is forecasted based on marketing analysis, the healthcare provider networks in Thailand and worldwide have to be capable to respond to unexpected health related situations. The world’s recent experience with the covid virus has demonstrated there is often unplanned demand for even simple medical equipment such as N-95 masks. The ability to respond to huge increases in demand is critical and unexpected changes in requirements are an unfortunate part of any medical supply chain today. 

In summary, In the world of healthcare logistics, Thailand has become a worldwide leader in the manufacture, delivery, and utilization of life sustaining health care tools and products. As a key participant in this industry, Eagles air & Sea takes pride in maintaining a leadership role in this exciting industry. 

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