Halal Logistics

Compliant, Considerate And Safe

The Muslim diaspora throughout the world has created a growing demand for transportation and distribution channels that are Halal compliant. Several years ago Eagles Air & Sea recognized this need and developed the capabilities to import, export and warehouse Halal certified products as Muslims and non-Muslim customers are recognizing the high level of safety and quality that Halal certified products represent within the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics marketplace.

Eagles Air & Sea understands that the fundamental guiding principal for Halal Logistics is insuring that products are transported and stored so as to avoid contamination with Harem products while in transit to and from our customer’s locations. To manage this task, Eagles has established a set of guidelines and operating procedures designed especially for Halal products.


Ensuring Halal Product Integrity


Warehousing – Eagles Air & Sea offers customers the option of warehousing that is Halal compliant with segregated zones specially designed to avoid contamination. Residual goods traffic is routed away from our Halal zone to ensure that no Haram products ever come in contact with Halal certified products or goods.

Transport – Eagles Air & Sea works closely with our transportation partners to make sure that your Halal certified products are kept separate during ocean, air and ground transport. We maintain our own separate line of Halal only trucks for moving goods within the region while our procedures dictate that all Halal goods are shipped in containers or sealed pallets that can never come in contact with non-Halal materials.

Documentation – We understand that it isn’t good enough to understand Halal logistics’ requirements but that our customer base needs to have the proper documentation to enable their Halal certification standards are in place throughout the supply chain. Towards that end, we have a separate but fully integrated documentation protocol that ensures a complete and accurate paper trail telling where your products have been, how they have been handled, and what containers and shipping vessels the product has been through.

Accredited – Eagles Air & Sea is an credited member in good standing with the Halal Standard Institute of Thailand as well as several other internationally recognized entities working towards the education of Halal standards in shipping, warehousing and distribution of Halal products. We are also associated with shipping networks throughout the world that adhere to Halal logistics standards in the transport of goods.

If you have special shipping requirements for Halal food, pharma or cosmetic products, we encourage you to contact our staff at +66 (02) 790 4599 for further discussions and information regarding the steps we have implemented to service this important and growing part of the international logistics supply chain.

Frequent Asked Questions 

What is Halal Logistics?

Halal Logistics is the handling, transporting, storing and management of food in compliance with Sharia law.  

Do logistics suppliers need to be Halal Certified?

In order to handle Halal food items throughout the supply chain, producers and consumers of Halal goods will typically ask that the logistics provider be a certified halal logistics professional. 

Are there a lot of Halal Logistics suppliers?

While the number of certified halal logistics providers is relatively small, there is a growing number of transportation providers that have pursued and achieved halal certification. 

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