Pratunam Shipping Agent

Budget Drop Shipping for Your Wholesale Products

Eagles Air and Sea Ltd. is a leading Pratunam  shipping agent in the area with a walk in service counter providing shipping of clothes and textile purchases on the spot.


With literally hundreds of shops and stalls, Pratunam, in Bangkok’s Ratchathewi district, is the destination of choice for tourists as well as visiting retailers from around the world. Known for bargain prices on clothing and textiles, this shopping mecca covers the entire area around the Amari Watergate and Indira Regent Hotels. The easiest way to find the Pratunam area is to look for the landmark  Baiyoke Tower.

What Eagles Air & Sea offers at Pratunam Shipping Office? 

  • The experienced Eagles staff are standing by to help receive, package, and ship your purchases to anywhere in the world at bargain rates. Our multi-lingual staff can help with the complicated processes and documentation that will ensure your goods arrive in a timely, safe, and trouble free manner at the destination of your choice.
  • For larger quantities, we can pick up your goods at the point of purchase and handle all of the details of the shipments
  • We provide packing in safe, economical and internationally approved containers.
  • We provide you with a total cost estimate to prevent any expensive “surprises” when you receive the goods at your destination.
  • Provide door to door or door to port options with either air or sea freight options. Depending on the size, weight, and destination, Eagles can advise you on the most timely and efficient way to move your purchases from the vendor to your targeted destination.
  • Eagles will handle all of the documentation including the bill of lading and any export/import documents required.

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Hotel Accomodation in Pratunam

In addition to our Pratunam walk in desk services, Eagles Air & Sea also operates a boutique hotel in the Pratunam District. Daily as well as weekly rates are provided that make your business or shopping activities in Pratunam easy to navigate with a minimum of travel.

So whether you are in Bangkok for some low cost sightseeing and shopping, or an internationally based retailer looking for next season’s latest trends in fashion, Eagles Air & Sea can help to make your visit to the Pratunam District of Bangkok stress free and successful.

Let Eagles Air & Sea Ltd be your shipping agent in Bangkok. Just contact us at +66 (02) 790 4599,  we will help you to plan your next visit to the heart of the wholesale textile business district in the heart of the city.

Frequent Asked Questions 

What is the difference between a shipping agent and a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder will handle the entire process of choosing the right mode of transport and arranging the delivery to its final destination while the shipping agent mainly works at a single port handling the documentation of each shipment.

Why do I need a shipping agent to ship my cargo?

A shipping agent is typically licensed to handle the customs, duties, and other issues associated with a specific cargo. Unless the client is experienced in handling these types of transactions, a shipping agent will make the entire process much less problematic. 

What is the difference between a 3PL provider and a shipping agent?

A 3PL or third party logistics provider is equipped to handle a broad range of services to the client, including warehousing, storing, and delivery of goods in specific amounts and times. The shipping agent’s range of services will be strictly related to the consolidation and deconsolidation of goods at a specific port.