International Freight Services

Worldwide Network

Since the year 1990, Eagles Air & Sea has been offering their customer base personalized, full service logistics and freight handling capabilities within Thailand and throughout the world. From our headquarters in Bangkok Thailand, we work with our global network of licensed agents to provide international freight services to all points of the globe. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Both air freight and ocean freight forwarding as well as freight consolidation for both transport modes.
  • Customs Brokering
  • Local and regional freight forwarding via land transport.
  • Electronic paperless customs clearing for both air and ocean cargoes.
  • Cargo insurance
  • Carnet and duty drawback services
  • Project Cargo, including transport of live animals, plants, hazardous materials and irregular shaped objects
  • Pick-up, packing, warehouse storage and door to door delivery.

All of our logistics and international freight services are available on an ala carte basis or as specially configured packages, ensuring that you only pay for what you need.


PROPRIETARY LOGISTIC SOFTWARE – provides our clients with real time date, accessible anywhere in the world, while delivering automated invoicing, freight pick-up notices, customer activity reports and electronically generated airway bills and bills of lading.

CUSTOMIZATION- Our service model is configured to accommodate each customer’s specific needs, whether they are a large internationally based commercial conglomerate or a sole proprietor looking to move their new collection of clothing from the factory in Thailand to their retail store in Europe.

“We understand that each customer has different needs and embrace the diversity of our client base with enthusiasm.

With the internet driving global trade, just about every business today operated on a broad geographic basis. International trade has increased over 50% in just the last 5 years! At Eagles Air & Sea, we are continuously improving our international freight services to support an ever growing demand for logistics and freight forwarding throughout the world.

We believe we operate one of the best freight forwarding and logistics companies in the world today. If you are looking for a reliable, economical, and trustworthy freight forwarder with international freight forwarding capabilities, we invite you to request a free quote or contact us for a no cost consult to see how we can help your business grow profitable in today’s global marketplace. Our multi-lingual Sales & Marketing staff are on call 24/7  at +66 (02) 790 4599 to provide customers advice, support, and quick turn around on RFQ’s.

Frequent Asked Questions 

How are international freight charges calculated?

There is no direct answer to this. There are different types of charges for air, ocean and cross border transport of goods. Some are based on governmental requirements while others are based on the demand supply considerations of the private companies who are doing the actual transportation. Responsible freight forwarders will always be willing to review the different charges with their clients and answer any questions they may have.

What is the difference between shipping a parcel and shipping freight?

What we typically think of when shipping a parcel internationally is perhaps a book, gift, or small item that can be handled by the government owned and operated postal service in whatever country you are located in. For larger items or shipments with multiple components, it is generally the best option to engage a freight forwarder to handle the customs declarations, booking of transport, insurance and dockage fees that will need to be handled.

Do I need an agent or 3rd party to ship internationally?

The short answer is no. The better answer is “probably”. It is certainly possible for a private party to ship goods without help. In most cases, however, people find that it is much easier and efficient to hire a freight forwarder who has established relationships with ocean carriers, airlines, and customs officials.

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