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Eagles Air & Sea – A Leader in Cross Border Trucking

With regional improvements in ASEAN regional infrastructure, cross border trucking in SE Asia is becoming a popular method of transporting goods between many countries in this part of the world. With over 600 million consumers in the ASEAN region, cross border trucking is an efficient and cost effective method of getting goods to a large market.  

cross border trucking ThailandFrom Thailand, goods can easily be transported quickly and cost effectively to many countries in the region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar. This transportation option can be particularly appealing for companies who have established their supply chains in multiple locations throughout the ASEAN group of countries. 

Because of its central location, Thailand has become a hub for much of the cross border trucking routes between the aforementioned countries as well as southern China. Eagles Air & Sea has taken a leadership role in this growing logistical strategy and can offer their customers door to door trucking services between all of these countries. 

As a subsidiary of Eagles Air & Sea, Kang Transport Co. Ltd. is well situated to provide mission critical ground services throughout the entire ASEAN network of countries. With its own fleet of 4 and 6 wheel transports that are all outfitted with GPS tracking, Kang Transport can move goods quickly and efficiently via our cross border capabilities.

Cross border trucking by Eagles Air & Sea offers several options: 

  • 6 or 4 wheel transports with enclosed vans as needed.
  • FTL (Full Truck Load) or LTL (Less Than Full Truckload)
  • Dedicated weekly runs between designated locations including Singapore, Malaysia, Viet Nam, China, Cambodia and Myanmar.

These options offer improved:

  • Timeliness when compared to most ocean routes
  • Improved security and safety of your cargo (no loading or unloading between the origin and destination)
  • Better tracking and location visibility with modern GPS tracking
  • Cost management compared to air freight rates.
  • Smooth customs clearance between countries on each route.

At Eagles Air & Sea, we offer our clients a wide range of supplementary services to go along with the cross border trucking option. We have warehousing located nearby the Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok so that we can stage your goods, repackage and inventory multiple component level for distribution on an as needed or JIT basis. 

Our multi-lingual staff are standing by to discuss your specific needs for transportation throughout the ASEAN region. We can take your requirements and turn around a quote within 48 hours that will provide you with the most cost effective and time sensitive options available anywhere in SE Asia. 

For a no obligation analysis of your unique transportation and warehousing needs in Thailand, please contact us via phone at +66 (02) 790 4599 or through e-mail at

Frequent Asked Questions 

What countries can I ship to, using cross border trucking?

From Thailand, it is possible to ship using cross border trucking, to Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and China.

What are the advantages of using cross border trucking?

Depending on the destination, it can be faster than ocean freight and cheaper than air, especially if your destination city lacks an international airport or is located a good distance from any sea port.

What are the disadvantages of using cross border trucking?

Roads and other transportation infrastructure such as bridges and border security and customs facilities are not well developed across the region. This can lead to delays depending on weather, traffic, and the type of goods being shipped. 

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