Freight Consolidation

Your Shipping Solution

Have you heard of freight consolidation services? If you are a small to medium business owner who is a supplier for a commercial internet based retailer, you know that speed, economy, and efficiency for globally based shipments has become increasingly important for your business strategy. Freight consolidation can be your shipping solution.

Suppliers demand smaller, more frequent shipments to minimize inventory carrying costs while lead times becoming increasingly shorter and shorter. As we all know, smaller and more frequent shipments can quickly cut into already small profit margins.

For many of you, using a freight forwarder who is experienced in freight consolidation can often be a solution to the situation described above.

Let’s consider the following scenario:

  • You have a shipment of 1 CBM of goods going to the same location every month.
  • Your usual method of shipment is by ocean carrier using the LCL (Less Than Container Load) option where your goods are placed in a 20 Ft. container along with other cargo heading in the same direction. 
  • Your fixed costs such as documentation, insurance, handling, and custom fees are based on a single shipment.

Now let’s consider the alternative – Using Eagles Air & Sea’s freight consolidation services:

  • You goods will still be going to the same location every month.
  • You will still be shipping the same 1 CBM of cargo.
  • Eagles Air & Sea will consolidate your shipment with other cargo, from other customers, into a FCL (Full Container Load) where you will enjoy sharing the cost benefits of a lower cost/CBM of a FCL shipment. 
  • Many of the fixed costs of a shipment will be consolidated and shared among the rest of the customers who have cargo in the full container. 

While this is a simplified example intended to explain the basic cost savings potential of freight consolidation, your situation and shipping needs will be managed by a logistics company that has over 25 years of experience handling freight consol for their customers all over the world. 

For a free consultation on how freight consolidation can save you time and money, contact Eagles Air & Sea by phone at +66 02 790 4599 or via e-mail at Our professional staff will be standing by to help you manage your shipping requirements efficiently and trouble free. 

Frequent Asked Questions 

When should I consider using a freight consolidator?

 If you have a lot of small shipments that go to different destinations on a regular basis, a freight consolidator will be able to show you how consolidation with other people’s freight going to the same destinations can be leveraged to your benefit.

Can freight consolidation save me money?

Reducing freight costs by consolidation and shipping in larger quantities is the primary advantage of freight consolidation, so the short answer is yes, absolutely.

What is an international freight consolidator?

An international freight consolidator handles cargo from hundreds of small shippers who depend on the consolidator to get their goods to their destination at the lowest possible cost by bundling their shipment with others that are going to the same locations. 

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