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At Eagles Air & Sea, we take great pride in providing our air freight clientele with innovative ideas and solutions for moving their goods regionally in the greater ASEAN network or internationally to six continents throughout the world. Our staff of experienced and specially trained air freight SME’s are standing by to help you process your air freight shipments, taking care of every detail of the transaction from the initial quote through delivery to the final destination.

Eagles Air & Sea is the general sales agent, or GSA, for several regional and internationally based airlines that provide cargo services in Thailand. One World GSA Co. Ltd operates as the air freight arm of the organization. As the General Sales Agent (GSA) for Tiger Air Taiwan and Tiger Air Singapore, we can offer over 180 flights every month into and out of Bangkok with a cost effective and time sensitive approach to air freight cargo. 

As a GSA for these and other airlines, our services and support activities include:

  • Marketing and defining cargo rates for each airline
  • Selling cargo space to other freight forwarders
  • Providing liaison services for the ground handling of aircraft
  • Supervision of loading/unloading of aircraft
  • On site warehousing and storage capacity at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, providing easy access to the world through this key strategic international air hub





As GSA for these airlines, we can offer our customers preferential access to air freight channels throughout the world. With multiple airlines to choose from, we can find the lowest cost service and the lowest rates in the region. Additionally, we offer tracking systems that allow you to make sure your shipment is on schedule and offer this real time information to your downstream customers. Our services include everything you need for door to door delivery of goods and materials throughout SE Asia.

At Eagles Air & Sea, our people are passionate about service. We aim to provide the very best in regularly scheduled air freight shipments as well as emergency or urgently required deliveries. When your shipment absolutely has to be there on time, you can trust Eagles air & Sea to provide the world class air freight services to make it happen, on time, every time. If you or your organization are looking for the best in class air freight services in southeast Asia, we encourage you to contact us at Eagles air & Sea at +66 (02) 790 4599 for a free review and appraisal of your unique air freight requirements. We will show you how Eagles can save you time, money, and anxiety when using our air freight service menu.

Frequent Asked Questions 

How do I know if the costs I am paying for freight are fair?

The best way to ensure that you are getting a fair deal is to shop and compare. Just like buying a car or other items, it pays to get more than one quote. Using freight calculators on freight forwarder’s website is a quick and easy way to get several quotes in a hurry. Be sure your quotes are itemized and broken down so you can see what each type of service is contributing to the total cost. 

Why is air freight so expensive ?

The short answer is supply and demand. In today’s environment with reduced passenger flights, there is less available capacity for air based cargo. Medical equipment associated with Covid 19 is getting priority for air shipments as well. It is unlikely this cost dynamic is going to change anytime soon as there has been an ongoing significant restructuring of the air cargo marketplace. 

Why Can’t I do my Own Shipping and Avoid Using a Freight Forwarder?

There is no specific requirement that an individual or company use a freight forwarder. However, most companies believe that managing all of the documentation, communication and regulations associated with international shipping is something that is best left to the people who do it exclusively. Think of a freight forwarder as your personal travel agent for cargo.

What is the safest mode of shipping?

For international shipments, ocean freight using an FCL or full container load, is the safest (and cheapest) mode of transport. On an FCL, your goods are the only cargo in the container, which means that the container won’t be opened from the time it leaves your port until it arrives at its destination. Proper packaging and a commensurate amount of insurance are also good practices when shipping between different countries. 

How to keep costs of air freight under control?

If your business model depends on air freight as a delivery method, there are a few ways to manage the costs. First, planning is key to cost management when dealing with any types of freight costs. The more visibility and long term commitment you can provide to your freight vendor, the lower will be your costs. Secondly, consolidate as much as possible as the rates for air freight generally are lower for larger shipments. 

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