Freezone Warehouse Suvarnabhumi

FTZ at Bangkok Airport

At Eagles Air & Sea,  we provide a freezone warehouse in Suvarnabhumi near to Bangkok airport to accommodate our customer needs. Moving products into and out of countries is a common headache for many countries.  While this was at one time the purview of large multi-national companies, into today’s integrated market it is not unusual for mid-range and smaller operations to move their products through multiple borders as part of the value add food chain.

Concept of Freezone Warehouse at Suvarnabhumi

For many of these entities, Free Trade Zones, or FTZ’s are an important part of their supply chain strategy. To understand the potential benefits of a FTZ or a freezone warehouse for your own specific situation, let’s look at this concept in more detail, considering  Thailand’s FTZ located at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport on the outskirts of Bangkok. 

The Suvarnabhumi FTZ is uniquely designed and promoted by the Thai government and as such, is considered outside of the country with regards to Customs rules and procedures. This allows companies to avoid duty payments unless the products are actually brought into the country. Our warehouse is situated right inside this freezone.    

In a practical application example, a company can bring product into the Suvarnabhumi FTZ where it may be assembled, repaired, repackaged and stored until it is distributed to other countries in the region. All of these activities can happen without having to go through Thai Customs.

Some of the additional benefits that many companies enjoy are:

  • Exemption from Duties on waste or scrapped product.
  • Avoidance of managing the documentation associated with the import and export of products into the country.
  • Optimise cash flow since no monies are tied up in duty fees.
  • The ability to position goods for speedy and simplified distribution from the Suvarnabhumi airfreight hub

About the Suvarnabhumi Airport Freezone: 

  • Created in 2006, the Suvarnabhumi Free Zone was a collective effort between the Thai government and the private business sector in Thailand as a means to promote the new airport as a hub of commerce for the ASEAN region.
  • Ideally located, the Suvarnabhumi Free Trade Zone is just 30 kilometers from downtown Bangkok with multiple freeway access points from greater Thailand, including the Eastern Seaboard and ports located there.
  • Located in the northwest corner of the airport proper, the Suvarnabhumi FTZ covers over 660,000 square meters of space, allowing for easy access with plenty of room for even the largest of clients

About Eagles’s Freezone Warehouse Suvarnabhumi

Eagles Air & Sea maintains two FTZ facilities (including a warehouse) in and around the Suvarnabhumi airport. Eagles warehouse has over 25,000 square meters of floor space within the airport FTZ that is outfitted with automated racking and delivery systems controlled by their proprietary inventory management software.

Additionally, we offer another free zone warehouse options in our nearby Ladkrabang facility with an additional 40,000 square meters of warehouse space that clients can use to inspect, repackage or assemble their products in a safe and secure environment.

To explore the cost saving possibilities utilizing the service of a freezone warehouse in Suvarnabhumi in Thailand, contact Eagles Air and Sea for a private and free consultation where we can explain the multiple benefits of making Thailand the  center of your distribution strategy.

Frequent Asked Questions 

Where is the Suvarnabhumi freezone located?

The Suvarnabhumi Freezone is located on the immediate grounds of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International airport on the southwestern outskirts of the city. 

Is there temperature controlled warehousing available?

Environmentally controlled warehouses are available onsite at the Suvarnabhumi Freezone.

Is the Suvarnabhumi freezone warehouse bonded?


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