Free Trade Zone Thailand

Business Friendly Environment

Thailand operates several Free Trade Zones that allow companies with operations within the country can leverage to avoid duties and tariffs on goods entering or leaving the country. Eagles air & Sea has long worked aggressively with their customers to help them set up transit points within these Free Trade Zones. We have warehouse and manufacturing ready facilities that are strategically located in these areas and we have an experienced staff that can help you work through the process of setting up your own logistics center with a Free Trade Zone.

Advantages of a Free Trade Zone

Operating within a Free Trade Zone in Thailand can offer a business significant strategic as well as financial advantages. Here are a few:

  • Product and merchandise that is imported from other countries and used for in commercial operations is free of tax and duty fees. This exclusion includes machinery, parts used in manufacturing and other peripheral equipment.
  • Additionally, merchandise that is moved into or out of a free zone is free from the VAT or value added tax as well as other specific tax assessments such as excise and alcohol taxes.
  • Operations within a free zone are exempt from taxes associated with scrap, waste or yield loss that is the direct result of those operations.

Essentially, operating in a Thailand Free Zone allows a business to enjoy all of the cost savings inherent to Thailand (low labor costs, low utility costs, and low overhead) without any of the import/export issues. Basically, free trade zones are considered outside the purview of Thailand customs and tax authority.

Eagles Air & Sea is experienced in working with government officials on behalf of those clients who wish to set up operations within a free zone in Thailand. Businesses that wish to take advantage of operations or distribution of goods from or to a free zone within Thailand need to follow a few basic steps within the application procedures.

Applicants need to fill out an application form and provide the following supporting documents:

  • Registration Certificate
  • List of Shareholders
  • Site Plan and Blueprint
  • Business Type and Related Objective
  • A Comprehensive Business Plan
  • Financial Statement

Eagles personnel will be glad to help their clients work through this application process to ensure that the procedures and requirements are easily understood, transparent, and straight forward.

At Eagles Air & Sea we understand that setting up operations in a foreign country can be an intimidating task. We are happy to set up projects with potential customers and clients to help them work through the design, implementation, and administrative details of operations within a Free Trade Zone in Thailand. Whether you choose to establish yourself at one of our sites located around Bangkok or wish to set up shop in a different location, we will be glad to work with you, acting as a liaison and consultant between your organization and governmental agencies such as the Board of Investment (BOI) and the Industrial Estate authority of Thailand (IEAT).



Frequent Asked Questions 

Are there risks in using a Free Trade Zone?

Most of the problems that occur in Free Trade Zones can be traced to disreputable FTZ operators who violate restrictions of how and where goods can move to and from. 

Is it expensive to use free trade zone for our business?

Once the initial licenses, and permits are bought and in place, operating costs are no different than in a non-FTZ location.

How can an FTZ save me money?

An FTZ allows you to enjoy the cost savings associated with off-shore operations without the tax and duties of operating in Thailand.

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