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Known as the “Kitchen of the World” Food logistics Thailand is positioned to see increasing growth in the logistics industry.

When we look at Thailand food logistics, the main driver for this expansion will be express cold chain logistics of meats and seafood . This market is expected to reach upwards of $40 billion in revenue years to come. 

When we look closely at this market segment we see that there are several reasons for the ongoing growth in Thailand’s food logistics:

1. Governmental promotion of Thailand Food Logistics  

The Thai government continues to improve the infrastructure needed to handle the growth of cold chain logistics in Thailand. Centrally located within the ASEAN trading community, Thailand is positioning itself to be the primary logistics hub for the handling and distribution of food related goods going to all parts of the globe.

2. Thailand is actually the only net exporter of food related items within the SE Asian region

As a world leader in the export of rice, vegetables and different kinds of seafood’s, it is strategically positioned to be the key player in Food logistics. Thailand’s ports and it’s international Suvarnabhumi airport can accommodate a wide range of frozen, fresh perishable and processed foods for distribution worldwide.

3. Global demand

It is estimated that almost a third of all food grown or processed never reaches the market places where they are most needed,. The primary culprit in this problem is spoilage. This situation will require technology and infrastructure improvements in order to handle food groups requiring speedy transport and refrigeration while in transit.

4. Global Events impacting the growth and distribution of food

The war in Ukraine, ongoing breakouts of the covid virus, and weather related catastrophes all over the world are combining to create food distribution problems that require solutions. The Thailand Food logistics industry is well positioned to support this effort. 

In conclusion, the Kingdom of Thailand finds itself at the right place and the right time to become one of the global leaders in both food production and worldwide distribution. A tour through the large warehouse and storage facilities in the air freight area of Suvarnabhumi airport provide one with a rough idea of the technology and resources to move perishable goods from the farm to the world’s dinner table with a minimum of losses. 

The ports of Bangkok and Laem Chabang also provide extensive facilities that are focused on moving the region’s food groups to the locations where they are most needed. 

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