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In Fashion logistics,  Thailand and Cambodia have recently reached an agreement that will greatly improve the competitiveness of both countries apparel industries. While both of these countries have long been associated with the manufacture of clothing, this agreement is designed to elevate both entities within the apparel industry.

The main components of this agreement are as follows:


By working more closely within the fashion logistics arena, Thailand and Cambodia will be able to make it easier for apparel buyers to access goods from both of these countries.

Transportation costs will be reduced as both countries will be able to position goods in a more timely manner, taking advantage of trends within the fashion industry. Many of the west’s retailers and designers are recognizing that the combined efforts of both Cambodia and Thailand have created an emerging leader in the clothing and footwear market segments.

This agreement is in part related to the significant growth of the apparel industry in Cambodia. Last year, the growth of this industry within Cambodia exceeded growth numbers of many of the other members of the ASEAN community. 


A transportation infrastructure development plan that will enable fashion related goods to be transported between Cambodia and Thailand with a minimum of administrative involvement. As a result, the plan is to make it more convenient for procurement professionals to access the products from both countries in an efficient and transparent way.

Cross border commercial activities has long been a strategy within the Thai logistics community. Improvements in rail and road construction within the region is contributing to growth in trade between Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. 

Thailand has long sought ways to improve the economic environment in up country regions of the Kingdom. An improved rail and road infrastructure would allow goods to travel more economically between the countries in this region, thereby contributing to additional growth and employment to those areas along the borders that are shared with Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. 

Growth Strategy

Fashion logistics has long been a key part of the growth strategy within the Eagles organization. The company maintains a large presence in the local fashion business with its walk-in shipping hub in Pratunam. Coupled with its strong network of air and ocean freight providers, the management at Eagles Air and Sea feel confident that they are positioned to maintain a leading role in the growth of fashion logistics in Southeast Asia.

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