As the coronavirus or Covid-19 virus continues to impact air traffic across the world, logistics providers and freight forwarders are stepping up efforts to support commerce while air freight options remain in a constant state of flux. 


As expected, with the shutting down of large portions of passenger air travel. The freight that would normally “piggyback” on those routes has evaporated, leaving many freight forwarders struggling to locate alternative routes and channels for freight that demands air transport, such as emergency medical supplies and perishables.

Here is a short summary of the air freight situation from the perspective of Thailand and Southeast Asia:

  • In general, all routes going into and out of the Asia Pacific region are showing a steep decline in frequency and availability. As a result, all major airports in the region are showing large reductions in the amount of cargo moving through their ports. This is especially true in Hong Kong and Shanghai. 
  • Charters and the gradual addition of more freighters are helping the supply situation but many businesses are being forced to look at alternative transport options such as combinations of ocean/air routes as well as a pick-up of cross border trucking in the Asia Pacific region. 
  • In Thailand, we are seeing upwards of an 80% reduction in available air freight capacity, while at the same time chartered flights are growing in popularity. 
  • As might be expected in these types of situations, costs for air freight are soaring and extremely volatile.

Given the above situation, there are options for many business owners to consider. For starters, working closely with your logistics specialists has never been more important for the success of your business.

As a GSA for Tiger Air and a CSA for over 40 other airlines in the region, Eagles Air & Sea Ltd. has contacts and well established priority for many of the air transport channels going into and out of Thailand and the ASEAN region.

Additionally, our subsidiary, Kang Transport, can offer cross border trucking throughout Southeast Asia, often times competing favorably with current air freight rates to Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar as well as many inland destinations in China.

Our staff is maintaining constant contact within the industry to stay up to speed in the latest changes to air freight availability throughout the region and the world. In some cases, a combination of ocean and air freight to ports that have more capacity will be a workable and more cost effective solution.

In times such as these, we all have to work together and Eagles Air & Sea are here to provide you and your customers the highest level of professional support in the logistics industry.

For a no obligation consultation to discuss your specific transport requirements, you can contact us by phoneat +66 (02) 790 4599 or via email at