For those business owners and consumers who need Bangkok cargo services, it is good to know that Thailand and especially Bangkok can offer you a wide range of options to move your cargo internationally as well as regionally.

Bangkok is strategically located in the heart of Southeast Asia with access to one of the area’s newest and most modern airports. Suvarnabhumi International has been in operation since 2006 and provides regularly scheduled flights throughout the world.

The Bangkok area is also also ideally located near the gulf of Siam that provides shippers with a choice of Sea ports.

Additionally, cross border trucking routes provide reasonably priced shipping options into China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar as well as Malaysia and Singapore. 

Here are some details and insights into these three options – 

  • Air Freight

There are three types of air services available out of the Bangkok airports – 

  1. Express air Service that will put your cargo on a direct flight to the destination of your choosing.
  2. Standard air service will usually fly your goods directly to the destination, but there will be stops along the way where cargo is consolidated or transferred. While not as fast as express air service, cargo will usually arrive in four or five days with an overall cost that is much less than express air service. This is the most popular of the three options.
  3. Deferred Air Service is an option where your cargo will have a lower priority until empty space is available on a plane heading for your destination. This will typically involve a wait of 4 – 6 days, although the covid pandemic has created situations where the waiting time is much longer.
  • Ocean Freight

  1. Containerized ocean freight is the most frequently used type of ocean freight cargo management. 40 foot and 20 foot containers are used to store your goods while in transit. You have the option of either FCL (full container load) where you have the entire container to yourself or LCL (less than a container) where your goods share space with other customers. 
  2. Dry bulk cargo is typically materials like grain, sand or iron ore. These materials aren’t packed, but are loaded and unloaded using cranes. Liquid cargo in bulk is also included in this category.
  3. Break Bulk cargo is stuff that won’t fit in a container. Examples would be construction materials, long pipes, steel sections, etc.
  4. Ro-Ro or roll on roll off cargo is a category that includes things that will be rolled on and rolled off such a tractors, trailers, cars and buses. 


  • Cross Border 

Cross border cargo into and out of the ASEAN region can often be best handled via trucking between countries in Southeast Asia. This mode of transport can be almost as fast as air freight but less expensive.


If you are considering shipping your goods into or out of the Bangkok region, please feel free to contact the professionals at Eagles air & Sea for a free consultation and analysis of your options.