Art Logistics Thailand

In the obscure world of art logistics, Thailand can be considered a “crossroads” for works of art traveling from one location to the other.


Shipping of art and other valuables that are often displayed at art galleries and  auction houses internationally are a subsector of the logistics industry that is relatively obscure. Art logistics in Thailand is best delegated to those operations that are experienced in this part of the industry. Not every freight forwarding company has the desire, skills, and background to handle unique works of art.  


The Challenge

Successfully moving a piece of art from one location to somewhere else on the globe presents a series of challenges. Almost all shipments of art require a customized process.

  • Packing – in addition to the normal considerations for packaging integrity, many museums and auction houses will require the piece of work be crated to ensure moisture, temperature, humidity and handling shock won’t damage the piece.
  • Tracking – Typically, the value of a work of art traveling the world will demand tracking capability so that the buyer, owner and transporter can tell where in the world the item is at any time of day or night.
  • Documentation – besides the usual bill of lading and other customs driven documentation, the involved entities will usually expect that official certifications and documents are in order that validate the items value and origin.


How We Work

As one of the longest running Thai art logistics providers, Eagles Air & Sea work closely with individuals at both ends of the shipment, ensuring that the safety and integrity of the item is maintained throughout the transportation process. We have a group of specialized team members that know the challenges art logistics Thailand presents.

  • We have warehousing, transport vehicles and professional trained in the proper handling of unique and often priceless works of art. Our account manager will oversee the entire procedure from the packing, transporting, tracking and delivery of each item.
  • We also recognise the critical nature of timeliness, as a delayed or tardy shipment will have huge and immediate consequences. Cost management is another important factor in any successful transport of art. The extra documentation, tracking, and insurance costs can quickly get out of control if not managed properly. 
  • As one of the leading Thai logistics providers, we understand and support the art logistics Thailand industry as a part of our broad support strategy. We will manage the shipment of art with precision and flexibility with well laid out transport plans that include back-up alternatives for when delays occur.

When you have valuable works of art to deliver, we invite you to visit with our art logistics team for a no charge consult and advisory session.

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