Air Freight to Singapore from Thailand

singapore-airport-photoOne of the busiest regional air freight routes in SE Asia is the Air Freight to Singapore from Thailand corridor. With Singapore positioned as the ocean freight crosswords between the West and East, many businesses as well as visitors to Thailand use the convenience and speed of air freight to get their goods to Singapore for a variety of reason. With everything from furniture to custom made suits available at very low prices, Thailand is a shoppers paradise. The first leg of getting those bargains to their final destination often involves shipment from Bangkok to Singapore.

Conversely, Thailand is a common destination for Singaporean made high end electronics, machinery, chemicals and vehicles of various types, totaling almost $6 billion annually.

What you need to know when shipping To Singapore with Eagles Air & Sea

Whether you are a business looking to move goods between these two countries commercially or are a visitor looking to send your gifts and souvenirs that you bought at the Chatuchak Market back home, consider using the professionals at Eagles Air & Sea to move your cargo efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

Vast Experience

With constantly changing requirements for shipping internationally, it only make sense to ship with a freight forwarder with over 25 years of experience delivering air freight between these two countries. In addition to regular cargo flights out of Bangkok, we can also arrange for your goods to be shipped from various locations in greater Thailand, such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Phuket.


When you ship air freight via Thailand to Singapore with Eagles Air & Sea, you are guaranteed turnkey simplicity as we manage all of the documentation, pick-up and delivery at very competitive rates. We can do door to door as well as door to port with a range of prices depending on the urgency and timing of your shipment.

Export Documentation

When shipping between Singapore and Thailand, there are some items that are not allowed in to the country. Pornographic material s or media, narcotics, counterfeit items as well as anything with a fake Royal Seal are illegal. Additionally, plants, seeds and food items require health certificates before entering the country.


Eagles Air & Sea offer custom packaging and crating of your goods as well. Using our packaging expertise ensures that your goods and products will arrive safely without adding additional weight from excessive packaging materials. 

Seamless Support 

With our offices and warehouses located nearby both Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Singapore’s Changi International Airport we are able to give our customers, both large and small, professional yet personal attention while we handle your shipment from the time it is picked up at the location of your choice, until it is safely delivered to its destination.

If you have a one-time shipment of personal items or are looking at regularly scheduled commercial deliveries between these two locations, check with the folks at Eagles Air & Sea where we specialise in the Thailand – Singapore Air Freight Corridor.

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