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At Eagles Air & Sea we recognize that there are literally hundreds of options for companies and individuals that need to ship goods internationally. That’s why for over two decades we have been constantly stretching the envelope in service and attention to detail when handling our customer’s freight.

Thailand Freight Forwarder Network

Founded Since 1991

  • Eagles Air & Sea incorporated as a privately owned freight forwarding company in Bangkok back in 1991. Starting out with nothing more than a single truck and a lot of determination, the husband and wife team of Wilfred Kang and Wallapa Stirachavarn were determined to grow a business based on the highest levels of service and support in one of the most competitive environments in the world.
  • Success drives success and further expansion and growth through the addition of sea freight capabilities in 1998 and an air freight operation in 1999 became the foundation of an organization that today employs over 200 full time employees in four countries.

Company Headquarters in Bangkok and SEA regional presence 


  • The hub of Eagle’s operations is in Bangkok, Thailand. As a strategic hub for transportation of goods throughout Southeast Asia, Bangkok is recognized as a key gateway to such emerging markets as Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. To support the growth of ASEAN industry, Eagles Air and Sea maintains warehousing and freight operations at the new Suvarnabhumi Airport as well as the nearby Ladkrabang free trade zone. We also maintain a walk in freight services counter in the Pratunam warehouse district located in downtown Bangkok. This offers customers from around the world easy access to our freight services for goods purchased during their visit to Thailand.
  • As an International Freight Forwarding company, Eagles Air & Sea recognizes the importance of our worldwide network of freight forwarding companies that are our partners in every region of the world. Your goods flow seamlessly between our logistics center here in Thailand and onwards, throughout the world. Whatever the destination, we can make it happen!


  • Eagles Global Logistics Ltd., Myanmar was established in 2013 to provide our customers with seamless logistics support throughout southeast Asia. Coupled with our 5 Bangkok locations and a satellite office in China, we are able to offer our customers a strong network presence throughout Asia and the world.

Our People

  • Eagles Air & Sea recognizes the importance of a professionally trained staff to meet the needs of our international customer base. With over 400 employees located in multiple sites, our management regularly commits to an ongoing program of education and training in an effort to ensure that we can offer our customers the highest level of support and professionalism delivered through our multilingual staff.


Keeping Your Cargo Safe

  • Eagles air & Sea maintains a strategic ally based approach to keeping your cargo safe from pick-up to delivery. We are ISO 9001 certified resulting from our ongoing efforts to provide services that meet our customers and international regulatory requirements. As an AEO or authorized Economic Operator, Eagles Air & Sea provides our customer base with many benefits, including simplified customs procedures and the resulting reduction in Customs intervention globally.


As a certified Thai customs broker, Eagles air & Sea is a member in good standing of the Thai International Freight Forwarders Association TIFFA). As you will note, we have several certifications that designate our organisations as legitimate and licensed customs brokers to handle international freight both into and out of Thailand.

While certifications from different internationally based organisations are often good ways for companies to demonstrate their professionalism, let’s take a closer look at some of the certifications endowed by the Eagles Group of Companies 

Customs Broker

As a fully licensed customs broker in Thailand, Eagles Air & Sea meets all of the requirements of the Thai Customs Department governing the importation and exporting of goods in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Authorised Economic Operator or AEO

This designation is granted to logistics providers who have demonstrated reliability and trustworthiness working with customs departments both locally and internationally. This designation offers assurances that our clients will receiver trouble free movement of their goods when shipping via Thailand.
An AEO will have demonstrated excellent compliance with all customs legislations and rules as well as a well-established accounting and security systems. As a result, an AEO will be able to use simplified and faster paths as your goods move through the Thai Customs procedures as well as many benefits under MRAs or Mutual Recognition Arrangements .  
The “bottom line” is that goods moving under the auspices of AEOs will receive much less scrutiny and inspections when traveling through cross border trading channels.

LRQA – ISO 9001 

Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance is an internationally recognised certification that indicates that a company has demonstrated a long running ability to operate with well trained professional across a broad spectrum of globally recognised standards. This certification is backed by the world famous Lloyds of London group.


 Our Corporate Mission

As a “Best in Class” Freight Forwarding Company, our goal within the Logistics industry is to use the very latest in technology and communication tools to provide our clients with the most efficient and economical methods of moving their goods from one place to another. 

A simple statement that  is full of challenges, but they are challenges that our professional staff meet and embrace everyday. 

EAS logistic company Thailand

We Look to the Future

As we enter our 30th year in the business, we look forward with optimism and determination to maintain our reputation and the loyalty of our current and future customers. We know that as a freight forwarding company the competition never rests and we continuously look for ways to better serve our worldwide customer base. 

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