Door To Door Freight Forwarding

Reliable Service at Your Doorstep

Door to door freight forwarding, or free domicile service, is a specialty at Eagles Air & Sea. We arrange factory to factory, home to home or any combination with economy, speed and dependability always a priority. Whether you are shipping goods across town or across the ocean, Eagles can manage the entire process from doorstep to doorstep, freeing you up to concentrate on your core business.


A worldwide network of agents that ensures your goods are handled by professionals every step of the way. Affordable, responsible and able to provide our clients with 24/7 status of their in-transit goods. These are the cornerstones of our customer commitment to you.


Our fleet of trucks will pick up the goods at your home, factory or warehouse and handle all of the customs, export/import and shipping details required to get that cargo delivered safely, on time, every time, all the time. Our warehouse and freight consolidation locations are equipped and able to pack your goods for maximum safety and economy of transport.


International shipments can be complicated and require lots of attention. At Eagles Air & Sea, our door to door freight forwarding services provide all of the necessary documents such as bills of lading, certificate or origin, packing lists, fumigation certificates and commercial invoices. Our staff are all trained in the requirements and creation of proper documentation for international transport, freeing your staff to focus on what they do best.

Why Choose EAS?
  • Since 1990, Eagles has been earning the trust and loyalty of an ever expanding customer base. We have earned that level of trust by treating our client’s goods like they are our own. We take a personal interest in making sure your goods are picked up in a timely manner, packed safely and securely, properly documented for trouble free transit and delivered on time.
  • Not only our customers, but many logistics publications, industry organizations and freight forwarding agencies have identified Eagles Air & Sea as one of the leading logistics providers in the ASEAN community. We take pride in our ability to provide a one stop shopping experience for customers who may need a wide range of logistics services for personal goods, commercial cargo or specialty items such as live animals or hazardous goods.
  • Eagles is always eager to share their expertise in logistics with their customers. We offer free advice and are always looking for ways to save transport, warehousing and other costs incurred such as storage and duties. We consider ourselves a partner with each of our customers and our success as a logistics provider is only possible if our clients are successful as well.

At Eagles Air & Sea we like to think we are small enough to know each customer on a personal basis. We strive to understand each customer’s special situation and unique logistics requirements. Our international networks make us big enough to offer the same high level of service that the multi-national shippers offer. At Eagles, we value the business relationship your cargo represents.

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