Customs Clearance

Efficient and Trouble Free

International commerce involves transporting products through various ports of entry in different countries. Trouble free and quick customs clearance at the port of exit and entry is a critical key to success with any international logistics strategy.

At Eagles Air & Sea , we have an experienced professional staff, available for you,  that is trained in all facets of Thai customs clearance procedures and regulations, providing you with a trouble free and efficient transit of goods into and out of Thailand.

Eagles Air & Sea provides their clients with:

  • E-Paperless Customs Management software that is completely integrated with Royal Thai Customs, to ensure trouble free and speedy customs clearance of your goods. We are able to initiate clearance procedures even while your goods are still in transit, eliminating costly ques and delays at the port of entry.
  • We offer Green Line clearance access for critical shipments that need expedited delivery into Thailand.
  • Eagles custom’s clearance software supports electronic submission of your invoice for easy and speedy online clearance of goods.
  • Our Customs clearance team can also process your temporary imports into and out of free trade zones as well as handle all types of bonded shipments of almost any type of cargo.

In short, our customs clearance services are designed to provide our customers with a customs clearance process that will save you money and time while avoiding quarantined goods or other unexpected delays of their goods.

With over 25 years of experience clearing goods into and out of Thailand, Eagles Air & Sea has a solid working relationship with Thai Customs. Our staff is well respected and our working relationship with Thai Customs officials will ensure that your goods will arrive on time, intact, and without any unexpected duties, fines or penalties.

Working with our network of agents around the globe, we will capably and efficiently handle the customs documentation and procedural requirements to get your goods delivered into ports of entry around the globe. Our agents are responsive, courteous, and well versed in international customs clearance procedures, ensuring that your goods and products will avoid the pitfalls that often can delay goods in transit through different countries.

If you are looking for problem free shipping of raw materials or finished goods into or out of Thailand, Eagles Air & Sea invite you to contact us to let us explain how we can take the expense, time delays, and worry out of international transport of cargo.

Find Your Worry Free, Hassle Free Custom Clearance Agent